I hate to do laundry.  I'm going on vacation on Thursday, to the Smokey Mountains, and figured wow!, it's Tuesday already and I better get my ass in gear and wash some clothes because I'm not going to a nudist colony I'm just going to TN.  I get everything ready, (like there's so much to do), dump the clothes in a laundry basket, bring the basket downstairs, load the clothes in the washer, and BINGO-no laundry soap.  I hate going back out once I'm in the house so I call my mother and tell her to tell my 21 year old son to bring detergent home after he has dinner with her.  Of course, he was the last one to wash clothes and God forbid he says he used the last of it because…..I MIGHT ask him to buy some…a fate worse than death.  I guess I'll go iron (my next favorite thing) what I do have that's clean…It will be a short task.


Author: radioactv915

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