Waiting-The Movie

When I was on vacation my vacation mates kept saying "POW, POW", a reference to the movie "Waiting".  John, Chris and Cheryl kept telling me and Denise we needed to see this movie.  It's about a day in the life of the wait staff at "Shenanigans" restaurant.  Really, it probably went directly to video, but they insisted we watch it, so they rented it at the local video store in Gatlinberg, TN, where we were staying in a chalet in the Great Smokey mountains.  The jist of it is that the men have a game they play:  Who can make the other waiters look at their genitalia in off moments.  It has to happen naturally.  If they can trick someone into looking they get to call them fags and kick them in the butt.  (Juvenile boy stuff, right?)  The kicker is that in the end, they ask the girls why they don't play and one of the girls, who is a crazy nut throughout the film, gets them, but good.  POW POW-Meow-That thing is angry.  If you want a good laugh, try it.  Don't expect too much….     


Author: radioactv915

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