Yehuda Kolko

New York magazine has an article in the May 2006 issue about pedophile teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, who has allegedly been abusing Brooklyn children since at least the 1970’s.  It seems that the Jewish community is twenty years behind the Catholics in addressing sexual abuse of children in their care in schools, summer camps and the community at large.  Twenty years behind the Catholics is pretty scary since progress on that front is minimal, at best.  One of the major problems facing survivors of sexual abuse is that, often times, the statute of limitations for bringing the pedophile to the criminal court system expired many years ago.  Although there may be no recourse through the criminal courts, filing suit in the civil courts against the alleged pedophile has been a somewhat viable alternative for some.  Many survivors may feel, as I did, that things are better left unsaid and may figure, as I did, that at least they made it through.  Remember the slogan about the AIDS crisis? Silence=Death?  In sexual abuse, Silence=More Abuse.  If you can, speak up.  Name names.  Help protect the generation of children who will be next in line to experience what happened to you and to me.    


Author: radioactv915

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