Illegal Immigrants

The first thing I’ll say is I’m no expert.  That being said….

I live on Long Island and we have an illegal alien problem here.  I’m sure many places outside LI, NY can also make this claim. Everybody from the President, Congress and on down to your neighbors say they want to find a way to solve the illegal immigration problem.  Many solutions have been and are being proposed; from building fences to keep them out to making everybody a citizen.  I have absolutely no idea what the answer is and maybe I have my head in the sand, but I haven’t heard anyone offer this soloution:

Why not offer a chance at citizenship after a two-or four year stint in the military, or a number of hours performing community service or something similar in nature?  I don’t believe rounding up everybody and sending them back is viable.  They are not going to go away or stop trying to get over that tangible or intangible fence. 

Being Hispanic, but not looking Hispanic has allowed me to hear unedited comments about what should be done and the most striking impression I get is that prejudice is alive and well in the United States.  People think we are being overrun by illegals and have no qualms about using demeaning and derogatory statements about people who want to come here, work hard and have a better life, just like their parents or grandparents did generations ago.  

By the way; I haven’t noticed that many white guys hanging out on street corners by the 7-11 waiting for the landscapers to pick them up for a hard day’s work @ $10 an hour…..       


Author: radioactv915

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