Truth In Lending, Plastic Surgery

  Photo By Blackbird111 (flickr)  I was thinking….(there’s the first problem) Does a person who has had plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, a nose job, fixing ears that stick out to here, or any number of procedures that radically change the way a person looks, have an obligation to tell the future parent of their future children that their kid may not come out looking quite like the now beautiful plastic surgery enhanced person they are now?  Think about it.  You have a nose with nine hooks in it.  You get it “fixed” and it’s now a thing of beauty.  You get married, (or not, as the case may be) and have children.  Would the other parent think, “Hey, wait a minute!  This is not my kid.  I don’t have a hook nose, or dumbo ears or fill in the blank here, so how did I get this kid?  Maybe the mail carrier or the 7-11 guy is screwing my wife!” Never mind.  I’m just letting my superficial self get in the way of my truely enlightened self.  


Author: radioactv915

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