Rosemary LaBonte’s Letter To the Editor Makes the Rounds On Email

Pretend, Rosemary, and everybody else who’s passing this stupid email around, that you’re a Native American Indian because then you’d have a right to write about who this country belongs to and comment on illegal immigration.  Otherwise, shut  up and stop passing this email around.  Stop espousing hate because your scared of people who don’t look like you or have your exact values.   To a “one” everybody came here and continues to come here for a better life.  Remember, not everyone came here legally through Ellis Island.  People jumped ships, came in thru Canada , came in all kinds of ways and not legally. They assimilated, legal or not, had children and strived for the American dream.  Just so you know, I’m of Native American decent and a proud American citizen.

Although Snopes says a letter to the Editor was not true, here is the link:

From the Rosemary LaBonte writes:

Your editorial said it all: “Waving the Mexican flag is like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull” [“Immigration realities,” Opinion, March 28].
Clearly, all those on the street protesting the purposed shakeup in their illegal lifestyle should hire themselves a new public-relations firm. What they fail to see or advised to do to gain sympathy among Americans is to promote how much they love the U.S. and how grateful they are to be here. Instead of the American red, white and blue being waved in all of their hands, we see a foreign country’s colors. We hear the old tired explanation about working jobs that “Americans” won’t do. Get a new slogan because that one is yesterday’s news.
If you want to live in this country, tell us why you want to live here. Tell us why you think opportunities are better here. Just don’t put an “entitlement” statement with it. Let us know that you will love and defend the U.S. if allowed to become a citizen. Yes, we are a melting pot, but evidently the melting pot is poured into one bowl. That’s where the “United” in United States comes from.
If you want better jobs, then stay in school and work towards that dream. Just like everybody else. You don’t get into college unless you graduate from high school. And right now there is a huge recruitment for Hispanic students to enter college for free or basically nothing. That is something that my kids aren’t entitled to because, their ancestors floated over here from Ireland, Holland and England three centuries ago before the word “entitlement” had been invented.
If you risk dying in the desert to get here, then leave the red, green and white mentality behind you and start the new life you keep claiming you want. In the next walkout march, think about putting this country’s flag, which so many have died for so you could jabber on about “rights,” into your hands and convince the American public you want to remain here for better reasons than what you are now proclaiming.
Rosemary LaBonte


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  2. Whether what she says of history is true or not, never before has the US catered to a certain demographic as it is now doing. All of the immigrants coming in from any place other than Mexico have always had to learn English or have someone in their family who did so they can get by. But the US is catering to Mexican immigrants by having Spanish on everything. I think that is wrong and completely unfair to those people who speak other languages. Why are we catering to them? Why not help them assimilate with different programs rather than shove Spanish down everyone else’s throats? And honestly, most of the the Mexican immigrants I know in my area are here illegally and don’t show any signs of wanting to assimilate or show patriotism to America. Keeping your culture alive doesn’t mean ignoring the country you live in. By flying a flag other than the American flag, or higher than the Aemrican flag, you are dishonoring the privelege of living here. Our flag is a symbol of the rights and freedoms afforded us. If you want to fly a flag representative of your “motherland”, then fly it along side, and lower, than the American flag.

    There has to be a common ground for everyone. Pampering one side is a great disservice to the rest who did not/do not receive such help. And being here illegally is just that…illegal. Why all the liberals have their panties in a bunch over enforcing immigration laws is beyoned me. Though I believe the conservatives need to revise some of their tactics, I agree that something needs to be done.

  3. I really don’t understand how this woman can believe that in order to seek a better life a person has to completely give up and forget their heritage. Becoming an American isn’t about changing yourself to be like every neighbor in your perfect little neighborhood. Being an American is about celebrating cultural difference and celebrating opportunity for a UNITED people. United as in coming from different places and brought together for a common goal. There is nothing about uniting with others that says you have to give up every value and source of pride you felt before. America provides opportunity for people from disadvantaged countries to make a better life for their families. It is NOT a cloning center for new arrivals decked out in red, white, and blue. Wave your home nation’s flag proudly-it represents where you come from and is a part of who you are. Wave the American flag proudly as well-it represents the opportunity you seek and is a part of your new life. Identity is not cut and dry, and no one should be forced to abandon there heritage in order to make someone else feel more comfortable.

  4. There are no mexican-americans, german-american, african-americans,polish-americans, irish-americans- just americans!!It is time to dump the PC , and get our country together as one. If you want to carry the flag of your birthplace do it there ! Not in the US!

  5. United States of America is truly the greatest free Republic in the world. If you are not a citizen, nor wish to become one, thank you Mister or Misses Tourist for visiting – your flight is now leaving. Bye bye.

    When I lived in Germany for three years, serving in our great United States Army, I learned their customs, their language, and obeyed their laws. That’s called “Doing the right thing.”

    I kissed the land of this greatest nation God gave me when I returned.

  6. Do all of you do-gooders realize that these 12 million illegals are making it harder for those going through the Immigration process legally????? And I know that for a fact my husband is a Canadian and we are in the process for 2 1/2 years and each time I hear all the garbage, especially by those from Mexico, it really burns my butt. Go through the process and do it LEGALLY. Oh, and BTW, anyone that thinks the LaBonte letter is rascist better look up the meaning. She is totally RIGHT!!!

  7. IT IS ILLEGAL TO MOVE TO THIS COUNTRY WITH OUT GOING THROUGH THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS, PERIOD. IT’S THE LAW. Wipe your eyes with a tissue and deal with it. IF YOU CAN’T DO THAT THEN PACK YOUR SHIT AND MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Most all americans came from another country. I hail from the Sioux Nation so I don’t want to hear about that shit either.

    Thank you Rosemary Labonte

  8. Give me a break. Almost all of our ancestors came from somewhere else. The law is the law. Legal vs ILLEGAL.. Get it? Who has a problem with legal immigration? No one. AZ is the only state with the guts to enforce the law.

  9. Robert Putnam: Most of my replies entail saying a simple “Thank you”. My reply to you is a grateful “Thank you”. You have a perspective that is, in my eyes, truly amazing, and thought-provoking. Very wise. Points very eloquently made.

  10. I have no problem with anyone coming to this country as long as they come here legally and not sneaking across the border and not consequently paying their fair share of taxes. If they are here illegally then they aren’t paying any taxes and I don’t choose to support any government ammenities they are wanting to collect.

  11. One of the reasons we never agree on issues, both moral and political, is that they are discussed with such ridiculous platitudes that cannot be argued.

    On one side of the “debate”, and I use the term loosely, is the “why are you picking on all these hard working people” and on the other side is the “we need to close our borders to all those social-program-sucking deviants.” Both sides of the issue try to explain their points from emotional convictions, historical ‘fact’, or life experience. That is where their reason breaks down.

    Let me add a couple suppositions to the conversation:
    • Life is not always easy.
    • Life is not always fair.
    • We have all had someone in our life that has been mean to us or denied us life liberty or the pursuit of happiness.
    • There have been billions of people who have suffered persecution; only a portion of them in America
    • It will always be easy to look back and say it was better because people know little about history and rely on personal experiences, skewed by emotion to correlate truth.
    • It will always be easy to look back and say it was worse, for the same reason.
    • People should be able to live in peace and be able to support their families without persecution, prejudice or inequalities.
    • The U.S. is a great Nation, but not perfect; all other nations have similar attributes and negatives.
    • All nations need to protect their people and provide for them according to their constitutions.
    • No nation can support everyone, therefore all have to contribute to their nation by working, supporting in their communities and contributing to the reasonable collection of taxes for the general welfare (i.e. the good of all)
    • Every nation has the right, and the responsibility to protect, not close, its borders
    • There are 1-2% (my estimate based on the number of people in jail ) of all nations, people, clans, religions, states, clubs, language groups, races, national origins, organizations, etc. etc. . . that are bent on taking advantage of others and doing wrong things. We have police and government to stop them. No group is worse than any other. No group is better. Still, we need to aggressively track the 2% for the preservation of the other 98%.
    • Both sides of the immigration argument feed the advancement of discontent and misconception. They use sound-bites and talking points like “hate-monger”, ignorant, biased, welfare generation, prejudiced.
    • Arguments, therefore, tend to be more rhetoric and exaggeration than helpful discourse.

    We will always look at new people critically and at times with some kind of apprehension. Why? Not because of color or race, but because others are simply unknown to us, they look, act and have different lives and experiences, and all we every hear is about the negatively reported events about people. Have you ever had dinner with a family who was not from your ethnic background (I am not talking about a family so diluted through the generations that you no longer know what ethnic background they originate from? Have you ever sought out the advice of a person from another race (other than when you were forced to? Have lived in squalor? Have you ever had to fight to feed your family? Have you ever actually sat and tried to know a person not of your religion or political bias? Most don’t, and most remain ignorant content to throw political, ethnic, and self-righteous mud-balls (by the way, you don’t have to be religious to throw mud-balls).

    Children as early as 2 years old, and younger, will at first hide from you if you are not known to them from apprehension that is born in them and is part of their natural fight or flight tendencies. After they get to know you, the apprehension dissolves and their natural desire to play and interact follows.

    People fear traveling, not because any nation (with the exception of a few) is more dangerous than where they live, but because the environment they are in is comfortable to them, and the apprehension of being in unfamiliar places and countries is not worth the risk of experience.

    I have read responses arguing the wrongs done to Native Americans and Japanese Americans as fodder for bigoted comments against bigoted people.

    Native Americans have both been wrongly demonized and wrongly moralized. At worst they were different from the settlers that moved west and saw the encroachment as an attack on their way of life. My guess, based on my bad-people-estimate, is that 2% of them were bad (sought only their good at the expense of others) and the other 98% were decent people; they were merely different from the encroaching tide. As is the case of all people overwhelmed, yea conquered, by change or a more powerful force, they had to succumb and assimilate or be driven out like bison. Wrong? It will always be easy to look back and history and see wrong doings. It is not so easy (that is, people are unwilling) to see wrong today. What is common though, is that we talk about the wrongs, but will never be willing to turn back time to bring things back to status quo.

    • Was it wrong for the settlers to move West? No, they were just looking for a better way of life, after all, the government gave of sold the property to them – similar to Latinos today.
    • Was it wrong to have slaves? That usually draws lots of emotion, but there was a time in history where slavery was as common as Starbucks.
    • Was it wrong to invade Iraq? Not to the millions of people who were persecuted by the government there.
    • Was it wrong to kill hundreds of thousands of Germans during WWII? Not to the millions who lost family, homes and their future to the invading German forces.

    History is replete with examples of one conquering force (the good people) stopping the loosing force (the bad people). All the conquerors are historically portrayed as healers of the nation (Ayatollah Khomeini), those who united a good and better way of life (King Kamehameha and Lenin), who stopped tyranny (Russia, US, et al), worked for the people (China), stopped the moral decline (Mohammed, the Prophet), Provided opportunity (all the countries that occupied Africa during the 20th Century), protector of women’s rights (those who profit – financially and morally – from abortions), saving the world (those who profit from green industry), freedom from the disparage of religion (people who desire to subdue the religious), yada, yada, yada. As people, human beings, we all have the ability to justify what we feel regardless of who we hurt, control or wrong.

    The government feared Japanese because we were attacked by Japan. This fueled established (biased) and natural apprehension that led to internment. Many look back on that time and rail against the violation of human rights, but know nothing about the fear of being attacked by another nation. Remember in 2001 when the twin towers were attacked? What was your reaction then? Now picture a nation watching and reading for months about Germany conquering most of their neighbors: destruction, death, human rights violations? Then, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor killing nearly 3,000 civilians and military personnel. Even if we read about it, we cannot imagine the fear. Was it wrong to react? No. Was it wrong to protect America? No. Did everyone do what was right? No. Should we do all the same things again? Probably not. Would you have done better? Probably not.

    • Not all people that are against illegal immigration are against immigrants.
    • Not all people that are for free-flow immigration are unbiased.
    • We need laws to protect our borders, not to close our borders.
    • We need to require people to live according to the laws of our nation, if they choose to live here.
    • Latino people are just as good a group of people as any other people; there is no more crime or nefarious character in that population group than any other.
    • All people are guilty of some form of “hate crime” depending on how you define “hate crime”
    • Hate crimes tend to be predominately pointed toward Black, Jewish and Male homosexual persons. That sounds significant and “exactly what we thought” until you understand that that is based on about 8,000 reported crimes out of a population of 304 million people – that’s less than my 2% estimate. . .

    Bottom line is that we live in a diverse and changing culture. We all need to adjust or assimilate a little. At the same time, just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I hate someone, and just because you heard it on good authority, doesn’t mean you are right.

  12. By no means am I a racist. I have biracial g.g.children. What I have a problem with are the people rioting in the streets and waving signs they want to kill us. I have a problem with them rioting at all because they may be asked to show proof of being a citizen in Arizona. If I was pulled over by a policeman and he asked to see my drivers license why should I be upset and accuse him of steriotyping. That is his job and my responsibility to produce it. Another bad taste in my mouth is the fact most businesses now ask on a recording if you want it in English or Spanish. Do they give you a choice of German or Dutch or any other language. Everything should be spoken in English and anyone coming into this country should learn it. If someone wants to come into this country they should apply instead of flooding the border towns and then making demands. How far do you think anyone would get by going to Mexico and making demands. Your butt would be thrown into jail and probably never heard from again. I understand they want to come here for the hopes of a better life but then do it legally. Get a job, pay your taxes, and follow the rules like the rest of us have to do. Your not entitled to anything until you earn it.

  13. I started to send the original Rosemary LaBonte letter to my friends before I cam upon this website, you see I wanted to check out what I could about if the letter was real. What I have read in this blog was a lot of political correctness going on but a lot of total disconnect with the point Rosemary was making. No matter where we go in this world there are rules, a cop stops me for speeding, I was breaking the rules, by law I must present a valid drivers license- at least that is the “law” where I live. I must stop at traffic lights that are red, that is the law. I do not steal and if I do I am arrested and put on trial, that is the law, isn’t it?
    In the United States there are Federal Law concerning immigration, why is it so wrong to follow them and enforce them? My understanding of the law on immigration, there is a 1940’s law on the federal books that mandates people carry and present a valid ID to any law enforcement officer who asks for it. Why is that so hard to enforce?
    Arizona put into a state law what the federal law was suppose to be doing, but have not been doing. Yet the powers in Washington call it a bad law, then they should rescind the federal law.
    This is not about Hispanic’s, it is about our saying the last 250 years that we are a country of laws. It is not about waving their Mexican flag. All people should enjoy where they have come from and be proud of that country. No one owes anyone anything, unless you are of the PC mind set. Then of course we should have all open borders and everyone can then sit around taking from the government of the world. It must be that because individual countries would no longer exist. Countries exist because borders exist, get rid of the borders you do not have a country. No country government and some one will step in and start dictating what they want done. You see someone somewhere will and must be in charge of feeding those that want to sit around for PC sake. BUt when someone is in charge you have a defacto government and gee we are right back to where we are today, a “government” telling us what to do. Either we support the laws on the books or get rid of them, write new laws, but be careful, you might not like what you get.

  14. Look I am Cherokee Indian, my name is Iowa, the laws we have are not about hate, it is about everyone who comes to our country doing so by obeying the laws. If people can not obey they law and come here properly then they deserve to be punished, end of story no ifs ands or butts about it. I am American, but do have Cherokee Indian in me, but I say I am American. I do not hate people because of where they come from, I do not even hate criminals, but criminals knowingly break the law, and people coming into our country illegally knowingly do so deserve to be booted and punished. Sorry if you take a look at Mexicos immigration laws and Canadas you will clearly see they are harder than our laws, any idiot who thinks America / Arizona is being harsh should look in to how other countries treat illegal immigration. Canada changed their law a long time ago on citizenship to babies born in Canada, if parents are not a citizen, neither is the baby.

    FOLLOW THE LAWS and you will have no problems. My wife is Canadian, took 3 years for her to get legal status, and that is with me being American, we followed the rules, and so have millions of others. Illegal immigration is that, illegal, face the facts they are breaking the laws. Don’t hate on those who support the laws of America.

  15. Thank you for your well written and thoughtful comment. The beauty it is that opinions such as your give a well-rounded view of the issue, and I welcome them.

  16. Well, I found this site by googling Rosemary LaBonte’s 2006 letter, which is as valid then as it is now.

    I don’t know about you, but I am the grandson of Italian immigrants who entered this nation via Ellis Island. My grandmothers were 13 and 18 respectively, one became a full citizen, the other did not.

    I have the study materials of the one who did, and from what I can see, she needed to know the language, both verbal and written; the history of the nation; and modern facts of life, such as, who was the current President. She was proud of her citizenship.

    Neither my mother or father spoke Italian all that well, even though they were raised in Italian speaking families. They told me when I was young that they “wanted to be American” not Italian. Yes, there was discrimination, my father was proud of being of Italian decent, but was an American through and through.

    When I was able to travel to NYC, I visited Ellis Island, there are plaques that have been placed there in honor of my grandparents. I did not place them there. When they came to this nation, they were young, bold, full of life and ready to take on the world. They left behind a Europe that was old and decayed. They entered the nation legally, with their names entered upon Ship Manifests and information regarding their hometowns. They had to take a physical to determine if there were health risks to the American Population.

    You may not like the tone to the letter you’re criticizing here, but that doesn’t mean that the truth is not being presented. The Social Welfare system did not exist for the great European Exodus to American Shores, the system of social services was minimal, but that’s because there were families, churches, and neighborhoods where support could be obtained and was provided. You may not like this type of support, and no system is perfect, but this “system” did a better job of helping people up than the current Government Controlled one does.

    So, to ALL of YOU who are on your high horses about how “racist” the LaBonte letter writer is, I joyfully tell you all to go to hell. It’s time that we return to the Law of the Land. People who come here illegally break the rules, and those who patiently wait their turn to become American Immigrants, legally, should be allowed more full access to enter the nation.

    You want to come here and work, or live, follow the rules…and don’t become a leach on society. We have enough of them represented right here on this blog. I dare you to leave this comment up.

  17. I got this email yesterday and sent a reply back to every email address in the chain. Some people emailed me back to say I had no right to give them my opinion (yet somehow they have a right to insult me with this kind of crap). This is why I don’t go to church. They are all a bunch of hypocrites hiding behind a cross. This is what I wrote:

    This letter is not worth reading and certainly not worth passing along. Please stop.

    The writer refers to people flying their own flag – I see a lot of people at different events who celebrate their Scottish and Irish ancestry with flags, coats of arms, kilts and costumes. Folks of German descent enjoy Oktoberfest celebrations and Jewish people celebrate the same holidays as Israelis. Why is that OK but a parade in Chinatown or a Cinco de Mayo celebration is not?

    She talks about dual citizenship as if that is criminal … if you were an Iraqi or Afghani refugee in another country, you’d surely want to keep your Iraqi /Afghani citizenship so you could vote in elections and affect the politics from a safe distance, and to be able to travel there to visit your family. Having thoughtful people contributing to nation building in their native countries benefits the whole world.

    I don’t know what ‘hand outs’ the woman was talking about. Prenatal care for pregnant women? That’s a right all women deserve no matter where they live or where they came from. Food stamps? When you’re working hard and only earning minimum wage, our progressive country wants to help take care of the innocent children so they grow up healthy and strong , not living in the streets eating from garbage cans like in India. It’s not a hand out, its called a helping hand and benefits society as a whole. There are Americans who were born, raised and continue to live on government assistance. What about Nadya Suleman and her 14 fatherless babies?

    I’ve never in my 49 years met an immigrant that I felt was taking advantage of anything in the US. On the contrary, they contribute more to our society than they ask for. A woman like the one who wrote the letter probably would be unable to pass the citizenship exam my parents passsed, and Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) just passed himself a couple of weeks ago. It is rumored that Cesar came to the US as an illegal immigrant (which is a dangerous endeavor undertaken only by the most courageous people who are willing to risk their lives to escape poverty and violence). I’m grateful he got here however he got here.

    As far as changing names – yes, I changed my foreign given name to an Anglo-Saxon name. I think its wonderful that immigrants these days feel proud to keep their given names instead of bowing to pressure to conform.

    That woman says she preferred a time when there were no labor laws to protect workers – sounds like she would rather be in 1800 when the African immigrants who came to this country didn’t have a choice in the matter!

    The newspaper did the right thing by not printing this inflamatory rant. It’s garbage. Stop the conflict now. Love your brothers and sisters as you love yourself. This is something Jesus asked us to do 2000 years ago and people still don’t get it!

    1. You are the epitome of what we true Americans call “the entitlement generation.” Only someone who has never paid for their own medical care and is used to getting it for free could make such a ridiculous statement that “prenatal care for pregnant women is a right all women deserve no matter where they live or where they come from.” If that were true, why don’t they stay in their own country and fight for what they believe in? Do you have any idea whatsoever who pays for your “free prenatal care?” Or do you even care? It might be free to you, but it certainly isn’t free to the rest of we law-abiding American citizens who work for a living and who have no choice as to how our tax dollars are spent. Because it is OUR TAX DOLLARS that pay for your free prenatal care that you are so bold to declare that every woman deserves no matter what. I’m part of that “silent majority” who grew up in homes where we were taught to be responsible for ourselves. Our schools actually taught us what it means to be good citizens, and I certainly don’t remember ever being taught that we would be expected to pay for other people’s medical care, food, housing, phone service, phones, etc., etc. How about this: if you are not able to be responsible for yourself, don’t get pregnant. And how about you getting a job and paying taxes like the rest of us? Then you will understand what it is like to stretch what is left from your paycheck (after the government takes their cut in the form of taxes) to pay for rent, utilities, phone service, food, medical care, clothing, car payments, gasoline, etc., etc. And I hope that one day you will get to experience what it feels like to have to choose what necessary medication to cut out since you can’t afford it anymore, only to stand in line at your local pharmacy and see someone who is obviously not working and doing his part to be a good citizen, pick up their medication FOR FREE. And then you notice it’s the very medication you had to give up, because you can no longer afford it because your co-pays have gone up so much, in order to pay for irresponsible people like the person in front of you who is now getting their medication FOR FREE. Oh, and I also hope you get to experience going shopping for food to buy for your family when you have to keep a running tab of the groceries you are buying because you have a FOOD BUDGET, only to see the same type of people (who incidenally are usually very overweight) cramming their baskets full of all kinds of expensive junk food. PLEASE NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE AMOUNT OF FOOD THAT IS IN YOUR BASKET VERSUS THEIRS. I have that happen to me just about every time I happen to be grocery shopping around the 1st or 15th of the month, which is when they get their FOOD STAMP MONEY DEPOSITED INTO THEIR EBT CARDS. This is not about a “progressive” government caring about feeding innocent children; it’s about crooked politicians buying votes for themselves. If our government truly cared about its citizens, why would the cost of healthcare and medication copays continue to go up each year, forcing we senior citizens who have worked, paid our taxes, and been good citizens our entire lives, to do without food and medications we need, and deserve? Why is it that we continually hear about our Social Security (which WE PAID FOR) being bankrupt, and yet never hear about welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid being bankrupt? Why, because all of these people who get all these handouts, and become citizens, will vote for the politician who gave them the handouts. Oh, and by the way, the definition of a handout is “something given to a needy person or organization.” I have nothing against helping people who are TEMPORARILY IN NEED due to being laid off their job, or other circumstances that are no fault of their own. I think it is wise to help someone who wants to help themselves, to get back on their feet again. I agree that helping people to become self sufficient again will benefit society. Why? Because people that truly want to do the right thing and work for a living have a sense of pride that they can provide for themselves and their families, pay their taxes, do their part, and be good CONTRIBUTING, WORKING CITIZENS. That sense of pride comes from WORKING FOR A LIVING AND BEING SELF SUFFICIENT, NOT FROM LIVING ON THE DOLE. People that have been brought up in homes where the parents never worked, and always lived off the government can never benefit society. We have generations of people that have been on welfare, and have taught their children how to “work” the system. For these people it is a way of life. They will always be a drain to everyone that works, pays their taxes, and are FORCED TO PAY FOR THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE AND SLOTHFUL (LAZY) LIFESTYLE. Genesis 3:19 says “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thy taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” In other words, we are all to work for a living.

  18. I grew up on the MX-TX border. A fence will not solve any problems. It will create more problems and it might pacify some Yankees that have no idea about the MX border. Most migrating natives from Mexico want to assimilate to become Americans others refuse to comply with American laws and customs. These law breakers are the ones causing issues with law abiding citizens. This is not a racist issue. It’s an issue of enforcing immigration laws. It is customary to at least attempt to speak the native tongue of a country when visiting or living in a foreign country. It’s called common courtesy. We should be speaking American Indian. However, the constitution was written in English and being ignorant of the law because you choose not to learn English is no excuse and rude. Do you think other countries would forgive you of your crimes or give you special treatment because you don’t know their language? Face it, illegal immigrants are breaking the law and in America you are guilty until you pay for your innocence. Even if it is just an accusation. I’ve noticed that people who call other people racist are the biggest racists them selves. In order to be a UNITED States of America, we must speak a United language.

  19. I just read the assumed version of email by Rosemary Labontes. Perhaps I am ignorant but I did not take the email as racist. She may have rambled a bit but the bottom line “concern” is that of illegal immigration. I have nothing against the hispanic population. I have many hispanic friends, have known many whose parents “migrated” over legally and although I reside in Maryland lived in AZ just 40 minutes away from the border. Whether legal or not, yes, they are a hard working people but that does not right the wrong. I am a Afro American female. My parents migrated legally from the West Indies. In addition to that, my mother was Indian and a Muslim. So I think where racism is concerned, I have the understanding of that. This woman may be sterotyping but that is not the same as being racist. We are ALL guity of stereotyping, thus is why I made my ethnic distinction known to those reading my post. I digress; I don’t have much more to say because I don’t want to cloud the bottom line. And where that is concerned, I agree. Best Regards.

  20. Rosemary LaBonte You are full of shit…

    This is a bunch of closed minded, self-entitled, ignorant Bullshit. Get you head out of your ass. Look around you the clubs these so called Red White and Blue American immigrants, My Great grandparents and Grandparents, of the early 1900’s created are still with us, not as strong, but still here, The German club, BK club, The Deloretto, The PNA, ZB Falcons. Hello these were Ethnic clubs! How did you get to join? You had to be German, Polish, Irish, Italian, Hungarian or what ever nationality to join these clubs. NOT AMERICAN. They formed these clubs to protect themselves form closed minded people, to keep a sense of nationality.

    You try to make it sound as if the last names were changed so they could be more american. They were changed because they were scared and hungry and needed work which was withheld from them because they were immigrants. So they changed there names form Mnichowski to Michaels as was the case with my Great Grandfather and his brother. One was able to keep his name the other could not. Pollock’s could not get a job. Let us not forget the Irish of Boston and New York they lived in the ghettoes the lowest of the low. The Italians, WOP’s ” WITHOUT PAPERS”. Dose that mean illegal?

    Do not turn our ancestors into saints they were not. They were bigots, liars, cheats, thieves, adulators, loving, caring, heroes, parents, sisters, brothers, Just like we are.

    The difference between them and us, You and me, is if we are not careful we will believe the bullshit and become like the people who made our Great Grandparents and Grandparents second class citizens, tried to hold them down.

    May the true spirit of the united states, The People protect our country.

    Paul Guzman

  21. BTW. I take umbrage with the idea that only a so called ‘Native American’ can make comments on immigration. I was born on this soil called the UNITED STATES. Therefore… I am Native to this land as well. More specifically, I AM a United States Citizen! It does not matter if I am of the Australoid, Capoid, Caucasoid, Negroid or Mongoloid race; or that I am Hispanic or Arabic, Jew or Gentile, Muslim or Buddhist, Fat or Skinny, Big or Small… Green or Purple. The sooner we throwout the labels that divide us as a people the faster we can come together as one Country.

  22. I agree with this letter. Whether it was written by the Author claimed … is not the point. It is about ACCEPTING a new home, a new Country and it’s people – as varied as they are – and learning to belong to it! In my opinion, the only racist thing about this letter are the comments made here against it. There is nothing wrong with remembering and celebrating your origins. Traditions are wonderful and as long as they do not take away another people’s rights, they should be celebrated. The many and varied people of the United States weave a wonderful tapestry of diversity and bring a richness of spirit to this Country that makes us strong. The danger lies in allowing someone to come into this Country espousing Hatred of this Country and wanting it to change into something resembling the vary countries those people are supposed to be leaving behind. This Country has been GREAT for over 200 years. It was not based on Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism or any kind of Dictatorship. This Country was founded on the principals of a Republic and a little bit of Democracy. No country is perfect. But the United States is damn near…

  23. My Mom’s parents came over from Sicily already having three children. My Mom was born here. My granddad was a shoe cobbler and set up business near Washington, DC. My grandparents also had brothers and sisters who also came over at the same time and opened up their own businesses. There were no handouts and they shared family meals. My grandmother was the last to die but she became a US citizen two years before. I will always remember the excitement she had receiving that document.

    I look at the immigrants who came to this country and opened up Restaurants or other businesses, created a fine life for themselves and learned to speak English to better communicate with their new community.

    The issue is not only about the illegals coming across our borders but the Radicals who also come with the intent of doing us harm. Our northern border is also just as vulnerable so I am in favor of building whatever wall or deterrent to make it very difficult for this migration to continue. Fill out the paperwork like your ancestors did before you, get a social security card and start working your own business or for someone else. Thanks!

  24. I do think that Rosemary LaBonte’s letter & her comment is just words from someone ignorant and someone that does not like diversity. If you don’t have a culture why not let another country show you what culture really is. I don’t know if she’s religious or not but I do believe that we all are God’s children therefore we should not discriminated against or be put aside. Rosemary LaBonte, you are dust and in dust you will become!

  25. I definitely have to agree with the Native American person. I have a question to the people that are passing the stupid e-mail around……..when have you seen an illegal immigrant as a homeless person?…….I have only seen White Americans as homeless.

  26. Yes, Rosemary LaBonte’s email was very racist. I think that people are afraid of what they do not understand and that it is easy to focus on that. Also, the media plays into people’s fears. I think that her letter can be used to openly discuss racism in America. People come here, as they always have, to create better lives for themselves. Many people forget that their ancestors may have entered the US illegally, but made better lives for themselves and did it within the parameters of the law. Thank you or your comments.

  27. I just got this email from my mom! It’s very racist, and sad to think that a bunch of white people think the letter is “beautiful.” Rosemary, the author of the racist fear-driven editorial makes it seem like people immigrating to this country aren’t sacrificing anything. I am positive that if it were a bunch of Canadians or Europeans immigrating, Rosemary wouldn’t have written this email. But since it’s largely Latinos immigrating, Rosemary, and people like her are scared.

  28. You people who call her a racist should get some perspective and read a little bit more abut our history. Use logic to base your arguments on, not emotion. It biases the judgment. Every culture has been fucked over at one time or another. But, being a victim does you no good and it’s not what made this country strong. As well, you overlook one thing: there is in fact a difference between Legal and Illegal. No, there really is!

  29. Wow, Dennis has a lot of pent up anger towards white Christians. Whew! Talk about someone really needing to let it go. Exhale dude! 🙂

  30. How about removing a people and placing them in a alien environment against their will? These people were even willing to fight for the people that removed them, but were rebuffed over and over!! I don’t see anyone referring to the immigrants as 3/5ths of a person. I am sure that the wartime race descendants were disenfranchised, but nothing like Blacks have been. “Rev” Jesse, I am not Afro/African-American!! But I digress, I agree in spirit with the “Rosemary” letter. If you are not contributing financially/morally to the community as a whole, how can you expect the same level of protection as the taxpayers do? That applies across the board to all races!!! Even Carlos Mencia jokes about the influx of illegals!!!

  31. if Rosemary LaBonte wants to get the attention of her target audience shouldn’t this letter be in spanish

  32. My concern lies with this letterwriter (if she really exists is unknown to me). There is so much here for rebuttal that others have asnwered so some of my quick points…….

    I have a problem with all the anger that she has for immigrants (of which her family was too). Generalizing that all immigrants are this way is unfair and irresponsible. She gives way too much power to the new wave of immigrants. I really don’t think they hold all the power that she insinuates they do. She should be pointing her poisoned pen at the real problem; the Politicians. Yes, things are getting handed out to immigrants of today; but if you are starting out would you say no to it? Instead of getting angry and prejudiced against those that are wanting the same thing that your ancestors did; focus on the politicians that are causing the mess that you are angry about. Focus on those that want to hand things out to illegal immigrants. Put the blame on those where it should be.

    Overtime things get skewed and romanticized.

    Yes, people did arrive here over a century ago and kissed the ground; A lot of the recent immigrants do too; we just don’t get to see it. Yes, pledges were made to uphold the law and support their new country and so forth just as the new ones are today. There was a lot of unlawfulness back then too by the immigrants of old just like the new. Gang problems existed back then as well as now. There are bad apples mixed in with the good. The problem is in generalizing that all in one race are the same.

    Assimilation takes time, just as it did for the immigrants of old. Just as it will for the new. And within that realm, immigrants of old generally stayed with their own (think of say, NYC, with Germantown, Little Italy, the Jewish area (lower east side), Harlem, Chinatown, the Irish area, etc. you get the picture) It was comfortable and supporting to be “with your own kind” while starting out in this new land. And you need to remember that there were immigrants of old that NEVER learned English, but their offspring did. And so the new Americans began. Just as the new Americans of today will. Assimilation took time then and it will take time now.

    “Most of their children came of age when World War II broke
    out. My father fought along side men whose parents had
    come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and
    Japan. None of these 1st generation Americans ever
    gave any thought about what country their parents had
    come from.”

    First, in honor of Memorial Day, this is the Greatest Generation and we owe everything to them for what they did for our country.

    But a note to your remark that some of these 1st generation Americans soldiers didn’t give any thought as to their ancestry is not altogether true, not when you are an American-Japanese and your family & friends have had everything taken away from them and are living in internment camps. And they weren’t the only ones. The same is true of Italian-Americans and German-Americans. (Hyphenated here because that is the way the US Government looked at them first.) This sector had to prove themselves even more that they were Americans. They had to live with discrimination that alot of us cannot imagine. (And being African-American fighting for America is another chapter).

    Not unlike what the new immigrants of today are encountering.

    (A very little known fact is that the Alaska natives living in the Alutetian Islands of Alaska were also interred during WW2)

    Generalizing on immigrants is ignorant and unfair to your grandparents (or ggparents, etc.) that came before you to make a better life for themsleves and you.
    We are all Americans no matter how old or new we are to this country.

    1. Illegal immigrants are not Americans. Obama and his administration have created this immigration chaos and crisis in order to distract from all the lawless things he has and will do in the future. He has fitted American against American and illegal immigrant against legal immigrant, arguing and cursing each other. This is his modus operandi, and everyone is falling for it. The real problem will never be fixed as long as we scream, curse, and yell at one another, and he does whatever he wants. He is the culprit. A real solution must be found despite Obama not wanting it to happen. The border should be temporarily closed with the help of the national guard to stop the hemorrhaging. Then, all immigrants we have need to be processed and sent to their homes and parents. We must send a signal that this type of immigration can no longer be tolerated. All financial help to any of the countries involved should be suspended until they stop the immigrants from coming to our borders. Once this has been effective, then America should truly reform the immigration policies, not allow one man to do whatever he wants to help destroy America’s prominence and prosperity.

  33. Thank you, Regina. It is really a moral crime what has happened to the indiginous people of the United States. And still, people spout hate regarding immigration to this counrty. It’s shocking and continues on a daily basis. The worst is the money that is being kept from the American Indians by the “Trust” that was set up for them that the govenrnment won’t give them. Think of how much that would improve their lives, so when the tribes build casinos and make money I’m happy for them. Hopefully, they are charitably helping their fellow tribes.
    What is the Tyra show?

  34. I read your letter on the Tyra show,It is so true that everyone who worked and fought to build this country,deserves much more than what is being done today,And as a Native American,nobody knows this as much as we do,Look at our heritage, adapt or die, it was that simple,loose our culture or our lives,And we have been forgotten since,our grandfathers and grandmothers were more than willing to share, and what did we get in return, smallpox, A tribal Cheifs head on a platter when the immagrants thought we were eating too much food that glorious first thanksgiving, And even with all that what are we doing today, We invite you to our communities, to show some of our culture that has been saved, and yet we are still forgotten, the only way most people come is to enjoy themselves in the pleasure of gambling,golf courses,or other amusments,I can assure you most would not come if it were not for these things, The resavation in Cherokee N.C. was almost a ghost town, until the casino was built, People were starving,Did the government step in, you must be kidding,,yea there may be a few films on the big screen about Pine Ridge, or Cherokee or other resavations,It still hasn’t brought a big truck. Hope for Healing, with food or blankets or even the Lords message, To some of the Northwestern tribes, Nothing, From Anybody, Many would not except it,Due to pride are whatever reason, It still should be tryed, maybe they would take the help if it was tried with a little more heart, most are still in fear that they will lose what they have left,

    1. Well the problem was with the Native Americans is they were so self SUFFICIENT and most refused to ask for help from a government that looked down on them and broke almost every agreement that was ever made, because they were Indians. The Federal government did not understand there were different Native American nations until well into the 20th century, no matter what anyone said or did. One Indian was just like any other to them. If the Native American Indian had picketed and camped out like the Black man did, they would have been shot or imprisoned. Yet when the Black man first started being brought in as slaves, they took the place of the Native American Indian as slaves as they were easier to control. When the white man first came in, the Native American Indian, welcomed him not understanding what could happen and would happen when so many started to come in and settle down. But this is actually nothing new in the history of the world, something that is forgotten. Migration over land or over the seas is what man did. The first Indians came across the land Bering land bridge, but they displaced no one as there to misplace. The white man migrating was just a natural happening, no different from another place in Europe to Asia or Africa and everywhere in between. The only difference was when the Black man was basically forced to immigrate thru slavery, most had no choice. But once a country was established ( not with standing the different Native American Indian Nations) , there are borders, once you have laws concerning those borders those laws should be enforced, it is that simple. Trying to look at this from an Native American perspective is difficult for any White man but it is possible. Yes the White man invaded America, so did everyone else invade other “area’s” in Europe to settle them, that is just how it works. Trying to lay claim on a piece of land no matter how large is difficult no matter how anyone tries. Look at Israel, there were a nation at 1200BC yet they were conquered and it became part of other nations, then it was reclaimed many time since until recently, now they are holding on tight no matter the cost. I do believe, however that out of a few different Western American States, there should be a few Native American “States” carved out and made into additional States of America and the term “reservations ” should be eliminated. It should not move anyone existing there at this time, now we are all Americans, but it would bring up the level of Native American to an equal status that should have been there. Since the Black man was not a native to this country, no they do not deserve a state of their own, the Blackman did assimlate into American society although slowly and in some idiot’s mind set they should never have be allowed to, but that is an idiot’s thinking.
      FYI, I am not a liberal but a fairly conservative person but what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. Illegal immigration is just that, illegal and it should be punished by throwing them back, very simple, there are laws that should be enforced. If there are no laws covering borders, do we have borders at all? If we have no borders re we a nation at all? We have a President who picks and chooses the laws he wants to enforce, what if we the people decided to pick and choose the laws we wanted to obey?

  35. I’m a single parent of Hispanic and German decent. So from my perspective, I can truly understand why both sides are angry about this issue. No, I don’t sit on the middle of the fence. I believe we all should find a home where we feel safe and free. And I also believe that we should be willing to work for it and play by the rules. No, not all immigrants came legally or played by the rules in the 1900’s at Ellis Island. But mine did; so I don’t expect any less from anyone else. And where I live I see many not playing by the rules and yet getting a free lunch. And I must admit that does anger me. Not because I don’t want to help. Some need help and I love to help. But it angers me when I work hard to feed my child and don’t expect or want handouts and then I see other parents act irresponsibly and don’t work at all but receive new clothes, free food and all utilities paid. That’s not right. Help is out there for those who truly need it but how can they get it when the lazies are taking it…and that’s from ANY race or background not just one. Speaking of race, I see no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate our different cultures. I do (as mixed as it is) but I also feel that it’s equally as important to band together as a whole. That’s fine to wave your California flag or Texas flag or wherever you come from. But never forget where you are and pay that some honor and respect too. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with all that this country does or with each other. We have the freedom to say so publically just as we are doing in this blog. But to curse and swear and name-call is juvenile and discredits any comments whether fact or fiction. I’m not sure of other people’s religion and they are welcome to be of other beliefs. However, in my faith, Jesus said in Matthew 12:25, “…Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Many attribute “the house divided against itself” quote to Abraham Lincoln. While he did say that; he was not the originator. So we can widdle away precious time bickering or we can come together and work this out.

  36. Thank you for your timely and intelligent comment. This post gets the most “hits”, by far on my blog but no one ever posts a comment. The letter was on the OC Register web site but not printed in the regular paper. I got it via email from a friend and it really burned me up when I read it so I did some research and found it posted there. Snopes said it was never printed, but it was on the web site. Racism is alive and well in America……
    I linked to your site-it’s great, by the way.

  37. I’m sorry, but this letter is erroneous and misguiding.
    There is a reason it was not printed for public consumption.
    The illusion that Ellis Island welcomed only grateful immigrants is exaggerated,
    and a poor attempt to hide bigotry under patriotism to appear PC.

    “…did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture”
    When those huddled masses landed on American soil they went to Little Italy, China Town, and those places people of their own ethnicity gathered, just like we do as Americans.
    How many of you live in a land of “one culture?”

    Each group brings its own set of cultural problems. The Italians brought the Mafia, the Chinese brought Opium, the Germans brought coleslaw.

    “They made learning English a primary rule”
    I almost fell out of my chair on this one I laughed so hard.
    Learning English was primary for some, but to say that it was a standard for even most immigrants is ludicrous. Have you ever been to New York, they still don’t know it!

    “Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground.”
    Duh, do you know what it was like traveling by boat in the 1900’s?!
    Of course they were glad to be in America, think about where they were coming from, poverty, plague, aristocracy.

    “They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.”
    Come on, what is this, a ferry tale? Has this woman ever read a history book?
    Is she referring to the diseases, alcoholism, gambling and prostitution of the 1900’s?
    Has this woman not seen The Godfather?

    “When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people of France saw only Americans.”
    The only thing the French saw was a multicultural army doing the fighting for them.

    “I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900s deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations”
    I’m amazed at this lady’s ability to think like an immigrant, compare two sets of immigrants and dislike immigrants all at the same time.
    If this woman lived in the 1900’s she would be complaining that the new immigrants should be more like the freed slaves and blend in better. (you know I’m right)

    The immigrants of Ellis island and today share more in common than most “True Americans” are willing to see or even spend 10 minutes to investigate. Try living poor in Mexico for one month and I dare you not to try and cross the border by any means possible.
    In 1900 or even in 2006, every human wants to escape poverty and oppression.
    Most Americans don’t know that if you speak in desent about the Mexican govement you can be put in jail.

    If I moved to Oregon and lived there for 3 years and it was time for the fourth of July parade, I would be waving the flag of California and represent my home state with pride. Just like Oregon and California, Mexico is only an imaginary border apart.

    And I’m sure all the Christian conservatives would agree that Jesus wanted us to live and love together on the ONE ROUND BORDERLESS PLANET he left us to watch over!

    Shame on “True Americans” who shake their finger at other cultures for not being more like America. The US has more checks and balances in place to insure that this country doesn’t fall into the hands of despots and big business men trying to profit off of our economy. That way you don’t have to escape to find the kind of freedom you have here.

    Damn the American idiot who claims that other countries must deal with their own problems and then claim with arrogance that we are the example for the rest of the world. The people of Iraq would call you a hypocrite.

    Damn the men of this country who advocate torture and imprisonment without trial and call themselves a patriot of democracy, freedom and Christianity.
    Anyone who cried when they beat Jesus in the Passion of the Christ and advocates torture, even to save his own life, is a hypocrite.
    I thought we were the example?
    I thought we came here to escape just those kinds of oppresive rules.
    Shame on those who despise people running from oppression and then create it themselves.

    Damn those who fought for the right to bear arms and claimed that right from the Constitution of the Untied States, and then spit on the rest of the freedoms the founding fathers created because the enemy does it too.

    The Mexican people should, and most are, grateful for what they have.
    But those rich 1% SOB’s that hire illegal labor then lie about it, (WalMart) are the ones creating immagration laws and they are the people immigrants are really protesting.
    What did you think immigrants, or you, would do?
    “Oh yes senior, send me back I won’t resist, I deserve to receive half of the normal living wage making your tomatoes cheaper to buy and cleaning your toilets, then get kicked out when I speak too loudly about giving an almost free lunch.”

    You want the real truth? Can you handle the truth?
    The reason you are paying $3 dollars a gallon for gas is because you don’t have the same courage the Mexicans have to protest!
    They actually risked getting caught in the open and deported to speak their peace.
    Look at you sitting on your ass bitching about “the mexican problem” and your getting hosed by big oil.
    During the recent Israeli war, the prices went up because we “might” have a shortage in the middle east. Well? The war is on hold, again.
    Why haven’t the prices gone down?

    Oil’s Prices are traded on Politics, and Speculation.
    They use almost the same machines to pump them, they mostly still come from the same place. There are more oil riggs now that at anytime in history.
    Why is it still $3?
    Because we are sheeple.

    Ok, sorry, I went off topic and got wound up a bit.
    Those that landed on Ellis Island in the 1900’s would have built an immigration station at the Mexican border not a friggin fence!
    The lady that wrote this letter needs to realise that those that have immigrated have an open heart and open mind to new cultures or they wouldn’t have survived here.

    I understand that lady was trying to make a point without sounding like a biggot.
    She failed, that is why her letter wasn’t printed by the editor of that paper.

    Mexicans that are here legally agree that everyone should go through the process of normalization, and no one should get a free lunch.
    But let it go already. Who would you rather have immigrating into this country?
    More Christians or radical Muslims?
    Get back to church and get back to that Holy Spirit you christians keep talking about.
    You are supposed to embrace our Christian brothers and sisters.
    Not check their wallets for an immigration card first.
    Mexican people are some of the most devout people on the planet.
    What would Jesus do?
    Not what you are doing, you must be aware of that.
    Right, brothers?

    We have bigger fish to fry people.
    Almost the whole world is mad at us for one thing or another, we got to watch each others back now.
    The friggin Ice caps are melting, global warming is no longer a myth, terrorists are killing our troops, our troops have to buy their own armor, gas is still $3 a gallon!
    Refocus your outrage on things that make a difference, not people you think are different.


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