Andrea Yates-Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

In a second trial, Andrea Yates was found not guilty, by reason of insanity, of drowning her five children.  She suffered from pychotic postpartum depression. The procecutor’s stance was that she knew the difference between right and wrong but it appeared that even though she may have been able to describe what a good versus a bad action may be, she was still compelled, because of mental defect, to take the action.  One can only imagine the horror her children went through, especially her oldest son, who fought very hard for his life.  I find it difficult to defend Yate’s actions but it appeared that she was severely mentally ill at the time of the murders and I think the jury came to the correct verdict.  Yates will now be remanded to a State mental institution.  They will evaluate her and, I assume, make recommendations as to her ability to function in society.  Her husband, Randy Yates, of course, has moved on but still considers Andrea his “friend”.   

For information on postpartum depression follow these links:


Author: radioactv915

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2 thoughts on “Andrea Yates-Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity”

  1. Yes, I have followed this story since it’s inception. It was a horrendous crime, one that makes a person step back and say “There but for the grace of God”. Although her ex-husband, Randy Yates, will live with the murder of his children for the rest of his life, what happened to “for better or worse”? He has re-married now and he and Andrea are “friends”. Surely, he had some culpability.

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