9/11 Tribute Five Year Anniversary


Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of 9/11.  The link above is a reminder to never forget.

I was at work on 9/11.  It was just another ordinary day on Long Island.  My mother called to tell me that a plane had just hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center.  She asked if I had access to a T.V.?  I said that there was one in the cafeteria.  She said go look at the news and hung up.  I walked the short distance, thinking a piper cub had hit the tower.  I don’t know why I thought it would be a small plane but I couldn’t imagine anything else.  As I stepped in front of the T.V. I saw the second plane hit.  I thought it was a re-run of the first plane, but was astounded that it was a jet.  My mind could not wrap around the enormity of what was happening.  Other employees joined me in front of the T.V. as we came to the realization that this was no small matter.  I ran back to my desk and told the others what was going on.  We rushed to the cafeteria, panic rising.  Then we heard about the Pentagon.  We were evacated shortly after.  I work in a Federal facility.  God Bless those who died, those who gave their lives trying to save others, the NYFD, the NYDP, the medical community, Mayor Guiliani and the countless others who stepped in and became heros that day and all the subsequent days since 9/11. 


Author: radioactv915

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