Emerald Isle

That’s where I’m heading today for a week of vacation bliss.  The house is ocean-front with a built-in pool.  I went to Borders, bought three books.  Basically all true-crime.  Nothing like a little murder, mayhem, blood and finally, justice, I hope.  There’s almost nothing as good as relaxing in the sun and sand with a book.  P eople ask me why I read non-fiction crime.  It’s not the terror, although I like to know what happened.  It’s not the gore, although it’s facinating what people do to each other.  It’s not the horror, although sometime I feel like what is written is actually happening to me.  It’s the solving of the crime.  How science, technology or just good, old-fashioned foot-work puts the fucking bastard who did it behind bars.  It’s all about justice. 


Author: radioactv915

Triage is derived from the French trier, meaning “to sort.” Triage is a brief clinical assessment. A system used to allocate a scarce commodity only to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit from it. Click to zoom in on my visitor map!

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