Free Marty Tankleff

The more I read and find out about the Marty Tankleff case the madder I get so I went to and ordered 100 bumper stickers that say “FREE MARTY TANKLEFF”.  They’ll come in 2-4 weeks.  Maybe people will say “Who is Marty Tankleff and what’s the story?”  I think there will be 100 people willing to post them on their cars or other surfaces, don’t you? 


Author: radioactv915

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4 thoughts on “Free Marty Tankleff”

  1. I am a friend of Marty Tankleff, and I think that anyone who spends 10 minutes with him can see that he is innocent of the crimes he has been convicted of. Marty was a young kid who was clearly railroaded. The amount of evidence that is available proving his innocence is overwhelming, and it is a disgrace that Suffolk County hasn’t given him the opportunity to clear his name and bring justice to the real culprits. One of the fundemental rights as a citizen of this country is the right to a fair trial. Marty has been denied that right. I pray that one day soon, Marty’s voice will be heard in a court of law, and that light will finally be shed on the injustice he has had to live with for all of these many years.

    I would love to have a ‘Free Marty’ bumper sticker. Where could I get one at?

  2. I know that my wife and I will most certainly (and proudly) put one of those Free Martin Tankleff stickers on our car. I don’t think any of our friends will. I think if you post on the message board of  you will get other Suffolk County residents to use them. It is a wonderful you have done to order them. I believe that there isn’t many who don’t know who Marty Tankleff. If they claim not to know, it because they are afraid of admitting they know Marty is innocent. They also feel guilty that they won’t do anything about it. We will have to go it alone with our small band of brave rebels who refuse to allow injustice and evil to prevail.

    • Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

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