O J Simpson-If He Did It, How He’d Do It

Kind of convoluted, huh?  And what are we, a bunch of idiots?  IF he did it?  He’s publishing a book that will “explain” how he would have killed Ron Goldman and Nicole if he was going to kill them?  And there will be a TV show prior to publication to generate interest… I don’t know what this world is coming to but I hope the Goldman’s get every penny he earns, ( and I use the term “earns” loosely).  Some newspaper accounts quote Judith Reagan as saying that the money being paid to OJ is going through a third party ensuring Simpon’s children eventually get it.  Reagan also stated that she’s publishing the book because SHE was an abused woman-now that’s convoluted and I fail to make the connection there.  Border Books is going to contribute any profits made from the sale of the book to charity.  Barnes and Nobles is keeping their profits, so if anyone is tempted to buy this trash, and I hope their not, but if you are, take the lesser of two evils and go to Borders.

Simpson should do everyone a favor and step in front of a train.  He cannot find it in himself to ride quietly into the sunset and live a quiet life of reflection while raising the children of the woman he murdered.  He seems to have some perverse need to keep himself in the spotlight. 

Instant Karma’s gonna get you. 


Author: radioactv915

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