The Left Banke-Walk Away Renee

This New York group pioneered “Baroque’n’Roll” in the ’60s with their mix of pop/rock and grand, quasi-classical arrangements and melodies. Featuring teenage prodigy Michael Brown as keyboardist and chief songwriter, the group scored two quick hits with “Walk Away Renee” (number five) and “Pretty Ballerina (number 15). Chamber-like string arrangements, Steve Martin’s soaring, near-falsetto lead vocals, and tight harmonies that borrowed from British Invasion bands like the Beatles and the Zombies were also key elements of the Left Banke sound. Though their two hits are their only well-remembered efforts, their debut album (Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina) was a strong, near-classic work that matched the quality of their hit singles in songwriting and production.

The group’s internal dynamic wasn’t nearly as harmonious as their sound, and their history goes some way towards explaining their short career. Initially, the group made some recordings that were produced by Brown’s father, Harry Lookofsky. When these recordings failed to interest companies in signing the band, the Left Banke broke up, Brown moving to California with the group’s original drummer. A backing track for “Walk Away Renee” had already been completed, and the other members overdubbed vocals in Brown’s absence. The song was released on Smash and became a hit, and the musicians reunited to tour and continue recording.

Unfortunately, the group, which showed such tremendous promise, was quickly torn asunder by dissension. Due to the nature of their music (which often employed session musicians), the Left Banke’s sound was difficult to reproduce on the road, and one could sympathize with Brown’s wishes to become a Brian Wilson-like figure, concentrating on writing and recording while the rest of the musicians took to the road. A variety of guitarists, as both session musicians and ostensible group members, flitted in and out of the lineup; Rick Brand, credited as the guitarist on the first LP, actually plays on only one of the album’s songs. Adding fuel to the fire, Brown’s bandmates wanted to oust Brown’s father as the act’s manager. In early 1967, Brown went as far as to record a Left Banke single without them, using vocalist Bert Sommer.

That single (“And Suddenly”) flopped, and for a brief time in September 1967 the original members were recording together again. After just one single (“Desiree”), though, Brown left for good. Most of the group’s second and final album, The Lest Banke Too, was recorded without him. While it still sported baroque arrangements and contained some fine moments, Brown’s presence was sorely missed, and the record pales in comparison to their debut. Brown went on to form a Left Banke-styled group,Montage, which released a fine and underappreciated album in the late ’60s. He later teamed up to form Stories with vocalist Ian Lloyd.

There were some confusing son-of-Left Banke recordings over the next few years, although the band really came to a halt in 1969, after the second album. Brown, Martin, and unknown musicians made a few recordings in late 1969; then, oddly, the original group reformed for a fine early 1971 single on Buddah (“Love Songs in the Night”/”Two by Two”), although the record itself was credited to Steve Martin. And the original group, minus its key visionary Michael Brown, made an album’s worth of ill-advised reunion recordings in 1978. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide & Wikipedia 


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5 thoughts on “The Left Banke-Walk Away Renee”

    1. The song was covered by the following groups:

      o Walk Away Renee by Four Tops (January 1968)
      o Walk away Renee by The Cowsills (1969)
      o Walk Away Renee by Gabor Szabo (1969)
      o Walk Away Renee by Steve Colt (1970)
      o Walk Away Renee by Alvin Stardust (April 1983)
      o Walk Away Renee by Southside Johnny & The Jukes (1986)
      o Walk away Renee by Jimmy LaFave (1992)
      o Walk Away Renee by Rick Price (1992)
      o Walk away Renee by Peppino D’Agostino (1995)
      o Walk Away Renee by Lotion (1995)
      o Walk Away Renee by Vonda Shepard (May 5, 1998)
      o Walk Away Renee by Angie Heaton (1999)
      o Walk away Renee by Marshall Crenshaw (2001)
      o Walk Away Renee by Lowen&Navarro (2006)
      o Walk Away Renee by Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy (July 25, 2006)

    2. Thanks Tess,
      I’m a guitarist and singer and have played the song out, and it always goes over well.
      I’m old enough to remember when the song first charted and until I found the site I was convinced the Left Banke was a British group.
      Thanks again for your help!

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