Dr. Phil Show About Marty Tankleff

Dr. Phil’s Marty show to air January 9th

They finally put it on the schedule for Tuesday, January 9th. The show is syndicated, which means it’s on different channels at different times in different cities.

In New York City it will be on at 3:00 p.m. on WCBS, Channel 2.

In Riverhead, it will be on at 5:00 p.m. on WLNY, Channel 55.

To find the show in your area, click here:


Last fall Dr. Phil’s producers taped an interview with Marty, then taped a show in L.A. before a studio audience. It was a show about false confessions but ended up being in large part about the Marty Tankleff case.

Participating in the show in person were private investigator Jay Salpeter; Joseph Guarascio, son of Joey “Guns” Creedon; Marty’s aunt Marianne McClure and her daugher, Jennifer; and Steve Drizin of the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University.

During the program, the producers got Detective James McCready, who took Marty’s “confession,” on the phone, and there was a heated exchange between McCready and Salpeter.http://www.martytankleff.org/Gui/Content.aspx?Page=Home2

Free Marty Tankleff


Author: radioactv915

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Show About Marty Tankleff”

  1. Marty is just one example of justice gone haywire. After viewing the show, which I taped and watched at a later date, I almost had to laugh at McCready’s answers to Dr. Phil-except the whole situation is no laughing matter. McCready says he is convinced he got the right guy. Better men than him have been wrong but this just goes to show that any one of us could wind up on the wrong side of the justice system, as has happened to Marty. I understand and agree that the police can use deception to assist in their investigation of a murder, but to basically stop the investigation with no other linking evidence is shoddy police work, at best, and bordering on criminality in my eyes. Who had the most to gain from Seymore’s untimely death? Could it have been his business partner who just happened to disappear himself shortly afyer the murder? He loudly proclaimed it wasn’t him, so that was good enough for the police? Like I said, you almost have to laugh, but can’t because Marty is still in prison.

  2. Dear Triage:

    It is not liberal or conservative to want and seek justice. I wish to especially thank radioactv915 for all of her help and support for Martin Tankleff. As many of you know, Marty’s briefs have been filed with the NYS Appellate Court and all can be found on http://www.martytankleff.org. As a former Marine, PJ and State Police Investigator, I would hardly consider myself a “bleeding heart liberal.” I do believe that the system must be fair and unbiased if it is to maintain credibility. Marty has never asked to be treated preferentially. He also didn’t ask to be framed either as he was by former detective McCready. As the brief filed by a host of pretigious former prosecutors reminds us, the whole system of criminal justice depends on public confidence. We can’t have a case like Marty Tankleff’s where everybody knows he is innocent and yet nothing is done about it. There is no way that the public will or should tolerate it. How can the police and prosectors go after the “bad guys” when they’ve become criminals themselves? There is no peace without justice.

  3. I have written semi-regularly in my blog about Marty. I’m a law & order kind of girl and usually don’t support those accused (and convicted) of murder, but alot of things stink about this case and he deserves, at the least, a new trial. BTW, I love your blog.

  4. Thanks. My parents were friendly with his aunt and uncle who raised money for his appeal. It’s almost unheard of for family members to stay behind somebody convicted of murdering their siblings.

    He is innocent. Long Island can be very red neck

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