Alex Chilton

I just woke up so I have to get this dream down right away,

I was in a deli, standing behind this guy when I realized it was Alex Chilton.  I said to him, “You’re Alex Chilton.”  He turned and smiled.  I said, “You wrote and sang The Letter, when you were in the Boxtops.  I have a later album of yours, when you were on your own.”  I tried to remember the name of the album but couldn’t.  He didn’t say a word and neither did the other guy he was with.  They just continued to smile.  Chilton was waiting for the turkey sandwich he had ordered.  The alarm sounded, I woke up.  Damn, I wish I could remember the name of the album.  Gotta get ready for work.  I’ll look for it later. 


I’ve been wracking my brain all day, trying to remember the name of the album,  (notice I’m talking album, not tape or CD) to no avail.  I’m thinking about the dream off and on throughout.  Earlier in the dream I was in another deli, but there was seating in this deli and in that part of the dream, or maybe it was an earlier dream and I merged them,  I had ordered a turkey platter with stuffing and gravy and cranberry sauce and I was arguing with somebody about the food.  Many of my dreams include arguing-it’s a constant theme with me, this arguing.  Maybe the next go-round with therapy, (a whole other subject) I’ll ask about the constant arguing.  Anyway, at work I was trying to remember the name of the album and then I started wondering if the Alex Chilton in the dream looked like the real Alex Chilton.  Dream Alex had light, curly, afro-ish hair and he was smiling-almost laughing.  Him and the guy he was with were exchanging knowing glances and I wondered what that was about.  Neither spoke throughout this probably 90 second dream, but it was so vivid.  I pulled the album when I got home.  It was third from the last, of course.  As I’m looking at the covers I keep asking myself what made me buy some of this music because alot of it seemed so middle-of-the-road, but maybe time and constant radio play has made it seem so?  Men At Work, A Flock of Haircuts/Seagulls, Fleetwood Mac, Tears for Fears (and Mad World wasn’t even on it), Pat Benetar (ugh).  I must have had to order some of this stuff from Columbia Record House and had limited choices…..I know, simple justification, you’ll say.  OK, OK, in my younger life I may have been more MOT Road.  SO, I get to Alex and the picture is familiar.  His face is like that in the dream.  I haven’t looked at that cover in 15+ years.  So, I ask, what brought me to him, or him to me?  Who knows.  Maybe I should lay off the Tylenol PM. 

I’m rambling here.  The name of the album is “Feudalist Tarts”.     


Author: radioactv915

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4 thoughts on “Alex Chilton”

  1. Yeah, people seem to have certain themes. Some save people, some always argue (that’s me), some talk, some are on crazy adventures. I also have some weird end of the world dreams…….

  2. Yes, usually my dream arguments are so petty and inconsequential. In real life they’re passionate, somewhat petty but there are usually consequences-not always with a good end result!

  3. Music you used to like and things you wrote a long time ago are two of the biggest wince-inducers there are. I’m just now forgiving myself for having ever listened to Limp Bizkit.

    The weird thing is that in my dreams I don’t find myself arguing about things I would have argued about.

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