Bob Seger at Mohegan Sun

I always said that if Bob Seger ever played again I’d like to see him.  As I posted previously I’ve questioned some of my younger musical taste.  A few weeks ago I was searching through my album collection and wondered what the hell I was thinking as I scanned past a Flock of Seagulls album.  And as I said then, there must have been some kind of mandatory number of albums to pick when I joined, but never intended to pay for, the Colombia Record Club.  If I liked them way back then I’ll never admit to it.  A friend of mine at work said Seger was playing to promote his new CD and burned me a copy.  It’s pretty good.  Sounds like classic Seger.  A little older, maybe a little wiser, like the rest of us, hopefully.  My work friend, who for the life of me I can’t remember his name, is  going to see him at the Garden on Thursday.  I have a friend at Mohegan Sun so I figured I’d give it a try and asked for two tickets.  I tried to get a room at Mohegan, but they were sold out.  Tried at Foxwoods, too, to no avail.  Maybe I was on to something big, this Seger show.  No rooms?  I had to stay at the Residence Inn in Mystic and it’s gone non-smoking, which was a drag, no pun intended.  I should have brought the can of Lysol but the warning, in BIG letters, scared me from even trying.  “Smoke Recovery Charges: $250.  Not worth it.  I froze my ass off in the Jeep out in the parking lot.  No more Marriott for this dame.

 We had pretty good seats.  I snuck my digital in.  Not easy with the pat-down upon entering and, once the show started, Security hoisting people out who were taking pictures with their camera phones.  My girlfriend was freaking when I asked her to hand me the camera and I was kind of, too, but I really wanted some pictures.  So Seger was great.  He put on a fantastic show.  Came out for two encores.   I thought the arena was going to collaspe with the screaming and pounding meant to show him all 10,000 of us wanted him back up there on stage.   Played a good mix of old and new stuff.  I can die happy-he played Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.  He also played:  Against the Wind, Betty Lou’s Getting Out Tonight, Horizontal Bop, Turn the Page, Rock N Roll Never Forgets,  Night Moves, Main Street,  Sunspot Baby, Hollywood Nights, Old Time Rock N Roll, We’ve Got Tonight, Katmandu, C’est La Vie (and it sounded great), and five or six from the new CD.  The only one I missed, that he didn’t play, was Shame on the Moon.   

Now catch this low-tech show on the video:  Bob holding the mike with one hand while he plays the keyboard with the other.  Then the host, at the end, says, “Groovy”!  But damn, he sure was easy on the eyes-and still is. 


Author: radioactv915

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