Sonny James


Marty Tankleff On CBS 48 Hrs

I saw a glimpse my friend and Marty Tankleff supporter, Bobby Olson, on 48 Hours last night. I emailed him this morning: The commentary below, is my and Bobby’s opinions and views.
“Hey Bobby: I saw you on 48 Hrs. I’m glad you were there. Hope all is well.”
He replied, “Thanks Tess! You have pretty good eyes. I was at most of the recent events but attempted to remain in the background. I am thankful for Marty for people like you who did a tremendous amount behind the scenes. As you know, Marty’s case is far from over. It’s not enough for the charges against him be dropped (which I am fully confident they will). This won’t end until the bastards who murdered his parents and the scumbag detective who appears to have framed Marty for their murders are brought to justice. That is the only real way Marty can prove his innocence. I hope you are also well and have a good 2008.”
Back at you, Bobby
“Every time I see McCready on TV it makes my blood boil. He appears to be a smirking, incompetent fool and it showed on the show. Even if Marty did it, which of course he didn’t, it was sloppy police work to focus solely on Marty, without a thought to looking at Jerry S. Marty was absolutely credible on the show and it is a testiment to his character that he remains the good person that he is. Many would be bitter and unhappy. I was touched when the show filmed him sitting in the back yard on the deck, just looking out at the trees on that cold day. He must truly be savoring each moment of freedom and I wish him continued peace. It amazed me that a simple thing, like how fast the internet is, astounded him. If you know of any way I can help, just let me know.”