Sprint Problems

My 1st email to dan@sprint.com

I went to my local Sprint store to complain, once again, about the 3rd phone line I was pressured into buying.  I received a phone call in March 2008 from a Sprint rep located, I assume because of the heavy accent, in India.  After quite a while on the phone he convinced me to get a third line.   631-41X-XXXX.  I already had  631-38X-XXXX and  38X-XXXX.  I basically took the extra line because this guy would not let me off the phone. I was told that I could cancel at any time if I was not happy with the phone.  When I called to cancel I was told it was too late.  Maybe I misunderstood?  That is possible since the guy I spoke to had a heavy accent.  I figured, “Oh well, they got me.”  I called off & on to complain but never got any satisfaction.  In November I was speaking to my son’s future mother-in-law & she said the same thing happened to her.  That started me getting angry about the whole thing again.  I called & the rep added 1000 text messages to my son’s phone number, I guess to shut me up.  Then I went on line and noticed I’ve been paying for Vision I never ordered since May of 2008.  I asked the rep to remove the charges & she said I could only dispute up to 60 days.  She took off 2 months of charges.  Now I’m more unhappy than ever.  My  631-38X-XXXX phone expires 3/10/09.  I’ll let the contract die a natural death.  Next my son’s number expires  631-38X-XXXX, that, too will die a natural death.  Lastly, the phone I never wanted, never used and just absolutely hate  631-41X-XXXX will finally expire & I will be finished with Sprint for the rest of my natural born days.  Except to tell anyone who will listen never to get Sprint as a carrier as the service is terrible and the company uses under-handed tactics to trick people into getting phones they do not want.  So, Dan, your employee told me you were the last stop in the complaint department and this is probably a too-familiar story.  Do you have a solution?  Thank you in advance for any you can give.  I am blind copying everybody I know.  And if I get some satisfaction, I will copy them with your solution also.

The answer:

Thank you for taking the time to write. We’ll be looking through all the ideas and feedback we receive.

This will, of course, take some time. I appreciate your patience until
we can get you a response. A representative from my office will be
contacting you in about a week.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit www.sprint.com to learn more
about the significant savings available to individuals and families
through Sprint’s Simply Everything and Sprint’s Everything Family plans.
Or, through our Ready Now program, make an appointment with a store
representative to learn more about how to use your device.

Once again, from all of us at Sprint, thank you. Dan Hesse CEO

So they call me from an unidentified line:

I apologize for any inconvenience your may have experienced. I would like to speak with you regarding your billing concerns. I did attempt to contact you on (631)38x-xxxx, but was unable to reach you. Please respond indicating the best time to call. You may also contact me on (757)223-3761. Sincerely,Melaine H.(757)223-3761 Sprint

So they call me from an unidentified line again:

Thank you for returning my call. I did attempt to contact you this morning on both (xxx)xxx-xxxx and (xxx)xxx-xxxx, but received your voicemail. Please respond indicating the best time to contact you. I can also be reached on (757)223-3761.

Per our conversation today, you did indicate that you did not request to add the data service to phone number (xxx)xxx-xxxx. I understand that you are requesting additional credit for this service as well as the cancellation of (xxx)xxx-xxxx with no penalty. I am currently reviewing your account and will follow up with you once a resolution is reached.

Please contact me on (757)223-3761 if you have any questions.

End result?  I did finally speak to her…..She was NOT helpful, and basically said, “tough luck.” I still have the phone-no credit given, except for a Vision Pack they snuck in a year ago.  They gave me 3 months worth of credit for that.

“The heart wants what it wants…. There’s no logic to those things.”