Jeami Chiapuli and Joyce Fransson Convicted of Murdering Leisa Hurst

Leisa Hurst was reported missing to the Police Department after the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department discovered her orange/rust colored Honda Element abandoned in the area of Olive Street and Second Street in Hesperia.

Her cell phone records show it was last used 10:54 p.m. on a Thursday night near the area of a cell tower at 11500 Mariposa Road in Hesperia. Hurst had not been seen or heard from since.

Jeami Chiapulis, a 36-year-old Helendale, CA resident, had a romantic relationship with Hurst. But he had been living a double life, dating Joyce Fransson, a woman he met while attending Barstow college. He also had a wife, in active duty in the military, who was due back home soon.  His house of cards was about to fold.

Exactly what happened that fateful night will probably never be known. Video from Home Depot, and receipts in Jeami’s possession show the purchase of rubber gloves, a shower cap, and bleach, among other things.  Two searches of Chiapulis’ home by Barstow Police led investigators to believe that he was connected to her disappearance, but they did not name him as a suspect at that time.

Chiapulis checked himself the psychiatric ward of a VA hospital on Jan. 26. He remained a patient there for several weeks. When Detectives spoke to Fransson, she stated she knew nothing.

After leaving the hospital, Jeami R. Chiapulis was arrested by Barstow Police detectives at a Starlite Motel in Redlands after his discharge from the hospital on February 13, 2009.

On February 18, Chiapulis pleaded not guilty in a Barstow courthouse with Hurst’s family, friends and neighbors present. He was held at West Valley Detention Center, pending trial for Leisa’s murder.

On June 5, Barstow Judge Cheryl Kersey ruled that Jeami Chiapulis would stand trial for the murder of Leisa Hurst, in the first-degree. If convicted he would face 25 years to life in prison.

Searches for Leisa’s remains were conducted along the Mojave River and desert regions south of Chiapulis’ home in Silver Lake Community.  The search revealed nothing, and in the end, searchers were off the mark by about 50 miles.

In October 2009 Jeami Chiapulis entered into an agreement with the district attorney’s office during a pretrial hearing to receive 15 years to life in prison for second degree murder in exchange for revealing the location of Leisa Hurst’s body

Chiapulis led detectives and authorities to an area near Newberry Springs, where human remains were found. The remains were positively identified by the San Bernardino County Coroner.  On October 30, Leisa was laid to rest at Sunset Hills Memorial Park in Apple Valley, CA.

Jeami Chiapulis was formally sentenced to 15 years to life in prison in Novemeber 2009. Leisa’s family and friends filled the courtroom and took the opportunity to talk to the court during the victim impact statements portion of the proceedings. Leisa’s daughters walked toward the front of the courtroom together and took turns speaking.

Chiapulis sat still watching each person as they spoke, no hint of emotion on his now-aged face. The Judge, Steven Mapes asked if Chiapulis would like to make a statement, as he believed the family would appreciate a comment from Chiapulis. The coward, through his attorney, said that he did not wish to give a statement.

In November, Joyce Fransson was arrested in connection with Leisa’s murder. Police believe that Fransson not only helped Jeami Chiapulis abandon Leisa’s car, but also acted as a lookout while Chiapulis buried Hurst in the desert.  By her own admission, Chiapulis had woven a story about his family being in the Mafia, and the Mafia had sent him a package to dispose of.  She claims to not know what was in the package, a large garbage can.  This smart college-educated woman jumped in the car, and together they disposed of the body.  She never asked any questions, and claimed to be scared.  So scared, that when the police questioned her, she offered no information that could have led to finding the remains for months.  In fact, she only offered information after Chiapulis implicated her in the cover-up.  She went about her every day life while the family suffered for months not knowing where Leisa Hurst’s remains were buried.

After two days of jury trial, Joyce Fransson made a deal with the court to plead no contest to accessory to murder charges and received three short years for her part in the murder.

Fransson’s attorney, Frank Peterson, said that Fransson was very sorry for what happened and that she should have “put things together” when police interviewed her in April of 2009 but did not cooperate because of her feelings for Chiapulis. She will likely serve 18 months of her sentence after receiving “day for day” good behavior credit.

In a separate investigation conducted in three California prisons, detectives learned that Chiapulis paid a sum of money as down payment to a fellow inmate for the murder of Barstow police Detectives Leo Griego and Keith Libby, Fransson, and Hurst’s two daughters. Nice guy.  He struck a deal that got him 15 years to life in exchange for showing detectives where Leisa Hurst’s body was buried, but hopefully this scheme will ensure he never sees the light of day.  On September 17, 2010, the Kern County District attorney’s office filed five counts of solicitation to commit murder against this convicted murderer.

Detectives believe Chiapulis wanted the detectives and Fransson murdered to prevent their testimony at future appeals hearings. In case his appeals scheme failed, he wanted Hurst’s daughters killed so that they would not be able to provide victim impact statements at parole board hearings. During his arraignment Chiapulis pleaded not guilt to all five counts. A trial date is now pending.  I hope he fries.  And Joyce should fry with him.

Leisa Hurst was a single mother trying to raise her two daughters.  She had not a single enemy.  She was a good and loving person, seeking what each of us strive for; a good life, completed by the love of a caring partner.  What she got, and what her family and children must live with for the rest of their lives, was a never-ending nightmare, caused by a depraved demon.

UPDATE: In 2012 Chiapulis was convicted of soliciting the murder of two Barstow police officers, the two children of the woman he murdered and an ex-girlfriend in the hopes of preventing them from testifying in a new trial he hoped for. The 16 year sentence he received will run consecutively with the 15-year sentence, making a total of 31 years in prison. He was also ordered to pay $25,000 in restitution to Hurst’s daughters.

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Author: radioactv915

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49 thoughts on “Jeami Chiapuli and Joyce Fransson Convicted of Murdering Leisa Hurst”

  1. Debbie , mother of Leisa Hurst, went into hidding because Joyce F. Is now out of jail . I feel so bad for debbie because she and the grandchildren have to worry and look over their shoulders all the time out of fear this crazy women will try to kill them .

    A person can only forgive another who has done such a horrible thing if the wrong doer realy repented to God . I believe Joyce Knew from the time Jamie contacted her to help with the ditching of Lesia’s car. It was put in front of her aunt apartment complex. And she and Jamie burried Lesia on her parent land! That was not done ny accident nor by someone who knew mothing about the content of the barrowl poor Leisa was shoved into. Her bones had to be broken in order to shove het body into it. Joyce should be in jail for life! The same for Jamie!

  2. Just to let everyone know Jeami got another 16 years added onto his 15 years to life, all I have to say is , wtf is wrong with our system when a person brutally murders another throws them away like a piece of filthy trash and then puts out a hit to murder anyone and everyone who can testify at his appeals…it is obvious that this sick piece of crap just cannot wait to get our and do what he does best again, by killing more women and ruining families….I hope that everyone involved goes to each and every parole hearing and keeps this sick f*&k in jail forever! He should never, ever get out, and if he does, the persons that allow him out need to house and be responsible for him and his actions, because there is no doubt what so ever that he can and he will do this again if he gets the opportunity! I just do not understand with 5 counts of soliciting murder got him ONLY 16 more years, that alone should have gotten him NO CHANCE OF PAROLE!!!!!!!

    1. No chance of parole is reality for JC. DA assured his sentence for conspiracy to commit murder will not begin until he serves his 15 years to life is complete. The DA will be present at all parole hearings to assure JC will serve ‘life’ before other sentences. In other words, he will die in prison unless he escapes.

  3. first of all Joyce knew!!! I refuse to listen to or to make excuses for her, I saw her face very clearly when Leisa’s mom was addressing her at her sentencing, she showed not even an ounce of remorse etc. I think the detective got it right when he said, she did not say a word because of her feelings for that pig murderer jeami…..she knew and she knew very well exactly what jeami did and she assisted him, she helped him by driving the car and dropping it off when jeami picked her up and they drove home together as far as the person on here that says Leisa knew for sure that the pig was married, well, I have this to say to you! Jaime could have very VERY easily taken the pictures down, he could have also told Leisa that he was married and his wife passed, that would explain the photos being up if they even were, you are so sure of yourself you forget that people like jeami can fool anyone and everyone, hey if you want to argue look at how he fooled you!! he fooled you good! Ok, iam done in closing my heart and prayers go out to Leisa’s family esp her girls but I have a feeling being raised by Leisa’s mom they will turn out wonderful just like Leisa!

    1. She did know he was married. I’ll never believe different. I won’t speak ill of a dead woman but she knew. Jaime is very ill and is answering for his crime. ….sorry you don’t agree with the sentence but the state of California says it’s sufficient. If you’re that bothered by it make a difference. Do something. Be the key to changing laws and imposing stiffer sentences instead of sitting on your ass bitching.

    2. You’re adorable. ..I’m “this Mitzi person” I knew him, but was and am close with his first wife at the time, Katherine….i think he deserves every second of jail time he was sentenced to. I say he is mentally ill…because he is..he was diagnosed as a sociopath. ..poor leisa nothing. She was a home wrecker who was screwing a married man. She didn’t deserve to die, but she was not innocent as you people portray her as. If she had stayed out of Katherine’s bed sleeping with Katherine’s husband…she would be alive today. She saw that beautiful house in Silver Lakes with the pool in the back yard. ..saw Katherine’s money that jeamie threw her for services rendered and thought she hit the jackpot. What kind of mother leaves her young children at home alone in her neighborhood to go for sex? Not a good one. This time around, leisa picked the wrong gravy train to ride. So….there. I saw Jeamie nearly every single day for 3 years as I too lived in Silver Lakes and he was our friend…actually watched my children before….thats how well accomplished a liar he is. Everyone who knew him was shocked. Poor leisa my butt. Being a gold digger backfired on her…

  4. I’m sorry, but I do not believe that Joyce “couldn’t put things together”, as she stated! No matter what lie he told her that night, or if she knew there was a body or could have possibly been a body in that large trash can, she was still in his life when he was arrested. She knew he was arrested for murder. Living in the area she would know a woman he dated was missing. She claims that he told her Leisa’s name. You can’t be a college student and then claim to be stupid! She may be a naturally shy person, but living in a family of shy people, I have seen them overcome shyness or even play it up more to get out of situations. Like Leisa’s mother said, Joyce could have gone to the police and said, “I’m scared, but this is what I know, and this is what he told me about what he was burying.” The fact that she lied to the police, allowed the family to suffer for 10 months while searching for Leisa, and still insisted she ‘couldn’t add things up’, is ridiculous! People have gone to jail longer for knowing less. Joyce should do her parole in hiding, then move out of the area, because she still has blood on her hands, and her release from prison does not mean freedom from justice.

  5. My sense of Joyce Fransson seems to be different than that of most here.I believe that she’s of very limited intelligence and probably has pretty serious psychiatric problems.The fact that Chiapuli accused her in such detail means nothing,that’s what pure,evil psychopaths do.Fry him….fry him,fry him,fry him.But I think it’s just as possible that she’s basically a victim as it is that she’s an evil,heartless psychopath.Remember…he tried to have her killed while he was in prison.That’s what psychopaths do..when someone he’s chosen as a helpless stooge turns on him that stooge becomes disposable.His plans for her strengthens my argument about her.

    1. Joyce appears to be a bit slow. Almost as if there’s a developmental delay. If this was an actual fact and her attorneys used her diagnosis as a partial defense, I could see how she possiblly could have been a “victim” of munipulation. However, this woman lied to police on several didn’t occasions and sat on the whereabouts of the body for almost a whole year? When does this “victim” become an accessory ?

    1. I. totally agree,and the poor little kids,he even wanted them
      killed,this maggot should never be allowed out of prison,if it were my relative that he killed,I would of buried him in the desert with just his head sticking out covered in honey.

  6. His murder-for-hire plots should be SOME kind of violation of his plea deal, you know what I mean? That’s happened before, where there was a deal in place, the offender did something to blow it, and then all bets were off… Anyway, he’s not getting out; it just moved his parole eligibility up 10 years; he’ll NEVER get parole. By contrast, I wonder what the sentence would be if someone killed Joyce, out of anger for her unforgivable conduct in this case? 3 years, too? I’d make a case for justifiable homicide…

  7. He should had gotten death and her life . I’m tired of these murders getting plea deals. There should never ever be a plea deal for anybody who kills. What’s going on in this world where the courts are being to easy on theses scum bags. If this was the old west he would have been hung by now her to. We need to some how canceled all plea deals and give justice to all families who are hurting from these scum bags who don’t care what they do.

    1. I have to agree with most here that Joyce Fraanson got too little time for her part in the cover up, and she was not exactly helpful to the police until her back was to the wall. She is either out now or will be getting out any time. Here’s hoping she makes better decisions in the future. At least the fact that Jeami Chiapulis was plotting to kill her too will make the dim-wit realize that she lied to protect a man who didn’t give a damn about her. If she has no remorse for the crime, at least that fact will follow her.

  8. I am currently watching this story as it unfolds on television. My heart goes out to Lisa’s family, particularly her two daughters. I have absolutely no feelings of sympathy for Joyce Fransson, much less the coward, Jeami Chiapulis. As a woman, and a college-educated one at that, Joyce knew better. She knew all along what she was doing. Even after all was said and done, she and Jeami went about their daily lives as if nothing had occurred. My only wish, aside from Jeami getting the death penalty, would’ve been for her to receive a more strict sentence including restitution to the family.

  9. Last night I viewed this tragic story on television..I was so saddened to see this beautiful young mother loose her life and her two young daughters loose there
    mother, and this pond scum of a man and his nasty girl friend get off with little
    more than a slap on the wrist!

    1. I knew/know Jeami extremely well. He and katherine were extremely close friends of mine and we lived in silver lakes the same time they did. I’m saddened that this woman lost her life, and I’m not defending him, but I promise you soething is wrong with Jeami. outwardly he was wonderful, good, kind, generous. We loved Jeami and katherine very much. we could not believe our eyes or ears when this came to light. Jeami fooled a lot of people and was actually diagnosed as a sociopath. Katherine was hurt beyond words that this happened. Having been in their home numerous times, sometimes when Katherine nor Jeami were there to take our kids swimming in their pool……Yes, while katherine was deployed, I have to say, there is NO WAY Leisa didnt know Jeami was married. to say she didn’t know has to be a lie. Even when Katherin was deployed, my family and i could be in their house and katherine’s pictures were up everywhere and her parents pictures were up everywhere. Leisa isn’t here to defend herself, but I’m telling you that she knew he was a married man. You could not be in that house and NOT know. She didn’t deserve to die for cheating with a married man, no, but if she was in that house ever…..and she was, she most certainly knew.

    2. I disagree with the person who claims Leissa knew he was married because of the pictures up in the home. Wasn’t the home in Texas? Leissa never went there.

    3. No…it was in Silver Lakes in Helendale California. …she knew…There is zero doubt in my mind. She didn’t deserve to die for trying to destroy a marriage but that house was Katherine’s….how would this woman know to stay away when Katherine was there?? She knew he was married.

  10. “She says she was scared……..The family waited so long when she knew all along where Leisa was. Same thing with women; a man is more important than the truth.”

    Comment by radioactv915 | January 17, 2011

    You DO realize that such generalizations and assumptions are dangerous, right?

    1. An ugly, misogynistic comment from ‘radioactve915’ (there was no option to directly reply to his post – I wonder why?) A more pertinent comment would’ve been along the lines of, “Same thing with men. Why do so many men commit such crimes of violence against women?” – but apparently he’s uncomfortable with ugly generalisations about his own gender. Chiapulis (and men like him) choose their victims carefully – you don’t end up with a man like him if you have a healthy sense of self esteem – and many women, for many different reasons, just don’t. Leisa Hurst was a woman with two kids and failed relationships behind her; doubtless she would’ve been desperate to make her relationship with Chiapulis work. The fact is that society still judges single mothers (if you have kids by different fathers where I come from, you get called ‘Four by Four’ etc.) There’s no equivalent commonly used, humiliating epithet applied to men who have kids to more than one woman (shocker, eh?) And Fransson didn’t look like she was playing with a full deck – she seemed so emotionally blunted, as others have observed. It seems that Chiapulis’ wife was simply utterly deceived.

      I don’t for one minute buy Fransson’s line about not knowing she was helping to bury a body, but I do believe that she knew what Chiapulis was capable of – I think she feared Chiapulis; but she feared the criminal justice system more. She simply didn’t want to go to jail. And (clearly) this was her prime motivation behind keeping quiet about Leisa’s burial site for so long. To quote from the article: “In fact, she only offered information after Chiapulis implicated her in the cover-up.” It wasn’t that, “same thing with women, the man was more important than the truth” – it was that her liberty was more important than the truth.

  11. I married a sociopath from the Army also. He lived a double life with 3 other women. He was engaged to 1, living with 2, and had me stuck in another state because of where he was stationed.
    I found out the truth and immediately filed for divorce. There are many days that I realize I’m thankful he didn’t kill me. It was only because he was 3000 miles away when his lies were uncovered.
    I don’t know if Fransson knew more, but I can tell you this. Sociopaths pick specific women to do this to. They pick women with children or with self esteem issues, because they are so desperate for love that they are less likely to not believe the lies. It is very possible that she knew nothing until she got to the house. It is very possible that she so desperately wanted to believe his lies that she is telling the truth.
    Yes, she should have told the police the truth from the beginning. She lied and that isn’t right. I just don’t know that I believe that she knew more than she says. Most women won’t have sex with a guy, even with a condom, if they knew he just had sex with another woman and killed her.
    I do believe she deserved more jail time. She lied and hurt the family more by not telling what she knew.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and for your insightful commentary. I agree that Fransson should have served more time and I hope that she realizes how much pain she caused as a result of her actions.

    2. Your perception appears to me to be more true than any I’ve read. The whole thing is just pure act of selfish evilness. That entire family just left heartbroken & her girls life has been altered forever.
      I hope for you life has opened doors & you’ve found the love you were searching for!!!
      Take care ……

  12. Does anybody know what the maximum sentence is if this monster is convicted on all five counts? I hope this depraved attempt to MURDER CHILDREN turns around on him and gives him the sentence he deserved for taking their mother away in the first place. Now THAT would be justice. The poetic kind.

    1. I’m not sure, but I think his release date will be March 26, 2014. This SOB shouldn’t ever see the light of day. It is times like these that I wish the mob would pick him up when he’s released take this SOB out to the desert and bury him alive with his head exposed.

  13. OMG, what a creepy women…voice??? How bout those eyes..they always talk about killers having eyes too close together…her’s were about as far apart as they go…she talked or made it seem like she was mentally challenged…didn’t believe her from the moment she spoke…she is disgusting!

    1. I dunno…I peruse the Most Wanted pages of most states, and most of those murderers look nothing like Alice the Goon! Like I said, what makes them so dangerous is the ability to blend in! (and the chameleon-like ability to morph and mold their personalities to fit a given situation: borderline personalities)

  14. I too hope they fry. Sickens me that Fransson isn’t going to be serving a longer sentence & that Chiapuli isn’t going to be put to death.

  15. what was wrong with joyce fransson’s voice . this woman had absolutely no affect like a sociopath. she was so disturbing to watch. creepy

    1. She says she was scared……..The family waited so long when she knew all along where Leisa was. Same thing with women; a man is more important than the truth.

    2. This does not surprise me in the least! What makes sociopaths so dangerous is their keen ability to mimic real emotions, and play the part so convincingly.

    3. I agree, that woman was eery. No emotion, no feeling, no sense of doing what was right. I’d be scared to know that wench. I hope she lives the rest of her life (chiapiglus too) looking over their shoulder and receiving the best karma has to offer them in justice. LOSERS, pond scum, dog crap, cow manure…can’t think of enough bad things to say about them that would be printable.

    4. I only came here to see if anyone else felt the same way I did about about Joyce Fransson.

      Glad to see I am not alone.

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