Grand Old Parr DeLuxe Blended Scotch Wiskey

A friend of my mother gave me a couple of bottles of alcohol and this Grand Old Parr was among them.  The bottle looks old, but Naomi is a heavy smoker so the bottle may also be yellowed from that.  If anyone knows anything about the brand I’d be happy to hear from you.  Any old memories or an idea of it’s worth.  It is a full bottle and the NY tax seal is unbroken.  It is marked as a Quart and newer bottles are marked as Liters, so it could be an older bottle.  Thanks for any comment.


Author: radioactv915

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2 thoughts on “Grand Old Parr DeLuxe Blended Scotch Wiskey”

  1. This kind of wiskey you don’t see very often in this country but where i come from (Colombia ) that’s all we drink. My father will be so happy if I give him this bottle for his little collection do you want to sell it?

    1. ¿Quien conoce el valor de una botella antigua de GRAND OLD PARR?
      Estoy vendiendo una botella de Grand Old Parr. La etiqueta dice:
      “REAL ANTIQUE and RARE OLD De Luxe Scotch Whisky – Blended & Bottled by the Propietors MACDONALD GREENLEES LTD. DISTILLERS – LEITH SCOTLAND – Aged 152 years”.
      Fue comprado en los años 50, es una botella intacta sin abrir, y creo que a algun coleccionista podria interesarle.

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