Sherrie Anne Carville

Sometimes, in the course of writing/posting to this blog I get the privilege of corresponding to the family and friends of  people I write about.  Many people have responded to my posts regarding the unsolved murder of college student Kathy Kolodzej. I lived in the same town, and was an acquaintance of Kathy’s, and her untimely death haunts me.  My good friend Ramona was a close friend of hers. 

Sherrie Anne Carville’s sister Susan, and I started a correspondence regarding my posts about Kathy.  She was kind enough to share some memories about Sherrie, which I’ll post further on.  Sometimes the focus is about how someone died and we forget the joy of simply having the person, however briefly, in our lives. Sherrie was a lovely young woman, much-loved by her family.  She did not deserve to die.   


From her sister Susan, “I am the younger sister of Sherrie Anne Carville. She was abducted, tortured, raped, and brutally murdered by John Hopkins. He left her in the woods on his parent’s property where she was found over seven months later. I have vivid recollections of that time in my life. I was 12 when Sherrie went missing. There were police and reporters continually flowing in and out of our home.  After Sherrie was found and Hopkins was arrested one reporter had the audacity to hold a microphone to my Mother and ask if we thought it was an appropriate use of the taxpayer’s money to provide a prosecutor for my sister Sherrie’s case.”

Susan says, “My parents had to fight for representation and push to (have an) investigation into my sister Sherrie’s case as well as for Cecilia Genatiempo. Through research on their own accord, my parents brought the similarities up to the police and reporters on numerous occasions regarding the case of Joanne Pecheone , Kathy Kolodziej and many others that occurred as far away as Colorado, while John Hopkins was stationed there. Unfortunately it took over thirty years for someone ELSE to look into the connection between the cases.”

She adds, “While visiting family in Utica, NY a few years ago, my parents mentioned the possible connection to the Pecheone case to my cousin, who was and  is currently an Assistant DA in Utica. Only through his actions was the case reopened and investigated.”

Those who have experienced the tragic murder of a loved one are particularly affected and have a fine-tuned empathy for others who have experienced similar tragedy. As Susan states, “My heart goes out to the Pecheone family, that of Kathy Kolodziej , those in Colorado and I’m sure many others. If my parents could connect the cases over 30 years ago why couldn’t the police? Why has nothing been done to bring some form of closure to the families left behind?”

When I replied to Susan’s comments on my Kathy post I asked her if she had any pictures of Sherrie or additional information she could share? She thanked me and sent two pictures of her sister, stating, “Thank you for your reply and post. I have attached two photos of Sherrie. As far as further information I am not sure what you are looking for. My parents would be much more helpful but my Mother is in poor health and I’m not sure I want to place any undue stress on her.” I more than understand. My grandmother was murdered many years ago, when my mother was fourteen years old, and she will be seventy-six this year.  She speaks very little of that time in her life and any information my siblings and I was obtained was from relatives and an old newspaper article from the Brooklyn Eagle.   

“We speak of Sherrie often and even include her in regular family celebrations. A candle is lit every Christmas Eve in her memory and we all, including the family she never met, huddle in a big group hug wishing her a Merry Christmas. It always ends with twenty-two “I love you Sherrie” and lots of tears. John Hopkins nor time has erased the impact dear Sherrie had on us, our fond memories and our never-ending love for her.” 

Susan comments on something that was hopefully considered by the investigators in Kathy’s case, “As John Hopkins was in the area at the time of Kathy Kolodziej’s disappearance, he was also in Colorado at the time of many murders referred to as the “Dunkin Donut Murders”. Coincidently, Cecilia Genatiempo was picked up at or near a Dunkin Donuts in Gloversville, NY. I recall my parents discussing this with local investigators at the time.”

Susan ends by saying, “After John Hopkins arrest and imprisonment his ability to torture our family did not stop. He befriended a woman who harassed my parents via telephone. She claimed to be his girlfriend and said he asked her to call them in regards to his final appeal. After he realized the appeals were over he committed suicide, or so we were told.” 

In my research I found that he did commit suicide.  In my thoughts I hope he is burning in Hell.


Author: radioactv915

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7 thoughts on “Sherrie Anne Carville”

  1. I was in a class with Sherrie when she disappeared. She was a grade behind me. When she stopped coming to school, rumors flew about her disappearance, but we were all so naive and never even considered that there was a serial killer in our small town. I recall a friend from Gloversville telling me that one of her best friends, CC Genetiempo, had disappeared and was found murdered a couple years earlier. Never ever did we put all that together. I have always been haunted by the idea that this man lived among us, in a town where we all thought we were immune from such evil. I have been collecting information to write a book about this – including information about the other girls he killed near Cobleskill and perhaps in Colorado. I’ve always wanted to interview family members, etc. The young women he killed deserve to be remembered by all of us and maybe a book about them would be the best way to do that.

  2. Recently visiting a high school friend, we recalled Sharrie as a classmate and we were humbled recalling circumstances of her demise. Researching Sharrie, I came across your summation and had read other detailed accounts.
    As a youth and classmate, I’m ashamed at my lack of understanding, compassion, and empathy for this young lady and her family during that time. Now, years later with girls of my own, I can not express my sorry and heartfelt sympathy for the family of Sharrie and other victims families adequately. To be so close to the path and trail of such an evil perpertrator is disturbing. Touching our high school class along with our entire town is frustrating and wish her killer could have been discovered long before meeting Sharrie. You are not forgotten and remembered fondly by your classmates at JHS. Rest in peace.

    1. I don’t think you should be ashamed. You, and your classmates were young, and although we felt like adults, in hindsight I’m sure you see we were all just little more than children.

  3. I miss Sherrie and often stop by her grave up on the hill and pray. One consolation is she’s reunited with her beloved mom. Fly on Renaissance girl!

    1. Driving home one night in October 1971 I was stopped on Hill street by what I thought was a police officer. He flashed his high beams then low beams so I pulled over. He came to my car door flashed a badge and asked for my drivers license. He took my license then drove off I followed him up Hill st to Kingsboro ave. He then took a right to go out into the country while took a left to go two blocks home on Park st As I was getting out of my car I heard a speeding car coming over the hill. When he drove by he threw my license out his window. Since I only had my drivers license for one month I was only thinking about that not about who he could be or what he was up to . I read later on he liked college girls and I was a senior in high school but I do remember putting a FMCC decal in my back window. So that’s what made me a target. I can still also remember getting some phone calls from a person wanting to meet some where. Said he was a friend of a friend of mine. Never went

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