Don Galucci, Fred Carter, Jr-The Men Who Know Where Stephen Ambrose May Be

So I’m doing more research-looking for Stephen Ambrose.  I go to and read that Don Galucci was in the original Kingsmen, famous for the garage-rock song “Louie, Louie”.  I didn’t know I was in rarified company here.  He took the Stooges into the studio and recorded them live-one song a day-and “Fun House”, was the result.  He led Don and the Goodtimes.  He played piano for Sandi Soyle and the Culivators album titled “Can You Hear Me Now”.  I visited her site and emailed her, asking if she’d ask Don where Stephen is….If you want to hear some of Don’s music you can listen to samples on

From Wikipedia: Fred Carter, Jr is a renowned Guitarist, singer and composer, who became one of the most respected and influential guitarists of his generation. Beginning his professional career in the 1950’s, the record charts are replete with his fingerprints across a number of genres. Though based in Nashville and serving as one its premier session guitarists, his influence can be heard on recordings as diverse as Muddy Waters, The Band, and Simon and Garfunkel.  Maybe Fred knows where Stephen is?

Fred’s daughter is Deana Carter, a CMA award winning artist in her own right.


Stephen Ambrose, Singer

I used to have an album by a singer named Stephen Ambrose.  No one ever heard of him except me and my sister, I think.  One song on the album was called “Tumbleweed”.  Our neighbor used to drive a truck and he had a delivery of albums to take somewhere.  Part of the delivery were these albums by Stephen Ambrose and he gave us one, even though they probably were not his to give as gifts.  We played it until it was all scratched up because we didn’t take care of it.  It was a great album and the lyrics were tender and sad.  

So if anyone has a copy or has even heard of Stephen Ambrose, contact me. I’m going to search the U.S. Copyright Office and see if I find anything there….. 

So I did some research at the U.S. Copyright site and I dug through my old record collection.  I have a copy of the album, but it’s so scratched.  I was reading the back cover and saw that Andrew Gold played acoustic guitar, so did Fred Carter, Jr, and David Powell.  Steel guitar was played by Ed Abner, who was also the engineer,  and Weldon Myrick.  Keyboards by Don Galucci, Bee Bee Cruiser and David Powell.  Bass by Kenny Edwards and Steve Schaffer.  Drums and percussion by Gene Farfin and Jerry Carrigan.  Mandolin and harmonica by Kenny Edwards.  Strings and flute, Manna.  Produced and arranged by Don Gallucci.  Executive Producer Ken Mansfield.  Produced by Larry Murray in Nashville.  So where are all these people?  Where is Stephen Ambrose?  He doesn’t show up when I Google him.  The mystery deepens.  The trail has gone cold.  1972-MGM Records.